Astra Zeneca and post menopausal PV loss

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I’m here in my safe place to check if there have been any occurrences of this phenomenon on this forum. I had my second dose of Astra Zeneca 10 days ago. I’m menopausal with HRT vagifem prescribed for heavy, non stop periods. No bleeding since January and yesterday spotting, today a period. Now this may be a coincidence and I’ve had no other side effects from either vaccination (maybe a sore arm with the second jab). I am interested to hear from other post menopausal woman.


Hasn’t happened to me but you’re definitely not the only one. It’s hard to get a clear correlation because I’m not sure there’s a systematic study of the side effects but various menstrual irregularities seem to be happening to women of all ages post-vaccine.


You may find something in this article


Yes - hopefully short-lived. We’ll probably have more info by the time the trials are wrapped up in the next few years.

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Thank you all for your responses. I have reported this “side effect” on my vaccine survey.


Please report it to VAERS as well! There’s a famous Harvard study that says the VAERS reports are about 1% of the actual effects but I think more folks know about it now and if more people submit a report we can start to see the patterns.
Good luck, by the way! Glad that you’re feeling ok.

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