Arggh! My Client Is Trying to Kill Me!

(Larry Lustig) #1

It’s free bagel and donut day where I am today. Essentially unlimited supply.

Get thee behind me, carbohydrates!


Go on, grab the butter and run…

Geez, I hope it’s not margarine!

(Larry Lustig) #3

No, butter and cream cheese. My plan, however, is to stay the hell out of the cafeteria.


Mmmmm… cream cheese. That’s only a couple of steps away from cheesecake.

(Cindy) #5

When I’m staying at a hotel with a free, but limited, breakfast, I grab a couple of those little cream cheese packets and bacon. Eat that cream cheese with a spoon and smile. Yum!

(CrazyScottishCatLady) #6

That’s hard, Larry. Before the holidays our staff room dining table was full of beautiful chocolates, cakes and biscuits, given in by parents. For a couple of weeks I could not avoid looking and smelling them!

However, on the plus side yesterday I’d spent the night at a hotel, which included a breakfast buffet. Sadly (as is usual) I wasn’t hungry in the morning so was forced to put a selection of delicious bacon in a napkin to take home for ‘later’ #pursebacon.