Are There Really Carbs in Black Coffee?

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That’s telling 'em! :laughing:


I believe (or lie to myself until I believe it ;)) that my filter coffee doesn’t have any carbs… :wink:

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Coffee is a colloid suspension of seed particles. A glorious colloid suspension. I too was surprised by the carb count. But then I realized that coffee is not, in fact, magic water, and that it has plant particulate in it. So carbs.

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Caffeine cancels out all Carbs in black coffee
This was from my extensive research
Below is the famous Scientist that I will quote

“Well, I ain’t got a witness and I can’t prove it.
But that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.” ~ Collin Raye


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Yup! I tend just to blitz, count to 5 and hope for best!

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In Italy it’s common to see people going into a cafe/bar in the morning, and downing a shot of espresso, or two or three. It happens fast - they walk in, order, stand at the bar and slam them down and walk out. Somewhere in there they pay, but you gotta watch like a hawk to observe it.

There’s a stronger version, cafe ristretto (like ‘un café serré’ in France) or just a ‘ristretto’ that’s made with roughly half as much water and the full amount of coffee. Never had one myself - most Italian espresso is pretty serious as is.

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That used to be on the menu at Starbucks in the late 80s and early 90s before it went public and people ordered them. We used to have paper cups the size of those tiny dixie water cups for that and the single or double shots.

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Interestingly my husband brought home 3 bottles of Starbucks unsweetened cold brew. I was shocked to see the carb count!

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That’s it!! I am buying this website and deleting this post…I will be watching all you troublemakers closely for deletion…


Y’all really want to stir the crazy, where does this now land coffee in the “will this break my fast” debate?

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Aaargh! That’s just what I have been wondering this morning… hasn’t stopped me though!


I really wish we could just take samples of our questionable foods and drinks, take them to a lab and have them tested for carbs :wink:


You can. If you’re willing to pay.


I’d have to check if our labs are “open” for personal testing…

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So, the USDA food composition database states that 12 oz. of ground coffee contains 1.01 g of carbohydrate. It takes 1.0 oz. of ground coffee to make a sixty-ounce pot (I weighed it), so a full pot thus contains 1.01 / 12 = 0.084167 g of carbohydrate, by my arithmetic, assuming that all the carbohydrate in the grounds leaches into the brewed liquid.

Since 11 / 60 of 0.084167 g = .01543 g, that means that Starbucks is adding quite a bit of something carbonaceous to its cold brew, to get a carb count that is five and a half times greater.

Conclusion: don’t blame the coffee for what Starbucks did. Brew at home, instead of supporting our corporate masters! :fist:

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they still have “short” cups for single and doppio shots.

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This is different from the cold brew that they make in the morning fresh.

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Dr. Berry and Dr. Fung both drink coffee during their fasting and neither one said there were carbs in it so I’m going to agree with them.

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Agree with their not saying?