Are there keto podcasts like 2 Keto Dudes that you really like?


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He is interviewed in many podcasts, google him.

He does produce regular youtube videos. I don’t think he has much time to have his own podcast, he is pretty darned popular these days.

I think OP was looking for podcasts that he could listen to while driving.

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I sat in on the recording of one of his podcasts during Ketofest this year.


I second Diet doctor podcasts! Really informative and Dr Brett Scher does a great job as interviewer. If you want to get into some really deep, nerdy biochemical nitty gritty then Dr Peter Attia’s “Drive” is well worth the listen. Not all keto and in fact he is no longer following keto himself apart from some periods where he does keto, then fasts then keto again. But, he has some awesome guests who know a LOT about keto and other health/longevity/random stuff. Podcasts can be up to three hours long and there is an assumption that the listener has some biochem/physiology/pathophysiology understanding. I dont agree with all his opinions but gee I learn heaps.

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That’s the thing you want, right there.

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I really enjoy his yt videos, I like his straight forward no nonsense informative delivery. If he had his own podcast I’d listen to it. As is I will look for his appearance/interviews on others.


:+1: Thumbs up so far for Diet Doctor

I got through the first five episodes and really liked it so far. Thanks everyone who recommended it. It jumps right into each episode with minimal fuss and the interview content has been great. I look forward to trying another podcast mentioned here once I’ve caught up to the latest episode.

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Yeah, Bret Scher does an excellent job. He had one called “Low Carb Cardiologist” before joining the DD team.

I couldn’t listen to the Joel Kahn one after a few minutes due to my low bar for lying POS, but otherwise yes, Bret’s excellent. He and Anthony Gustin are very good interviewers, which makes them VERY rare in keto land.

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I love both of these, too. I don’t mind Vanessa promoting her programs. It’s how she supports the podcast without the ads for sketchy products you hear on a lot of keto podcasts-- and I am all for people monetizing their success!

Bret Sher is awesome and I hope he starts recording again soon.

I also love Leanne Vogel, though she sometimes gets into pretty murky territory with pseudoscience and her guests, but overall, she provides great information tailored specifically towards women’s physiology.

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The Model Health show is my favourite, not keto but has keto leanings.

Also a fairly new one called The Keto Matrix is shaping up to be quite good.


Now listening to Nourish Balance Thrive

Some great information about testing health biomarkers from previous blood test results without the expense of repeated specialist biomarker blood tests


The Keto Families podcast is always a fun listen. Karen and Mark are a zany couple and it has some great hands on info about being on the keto journey when you have kids.

FYI it was Mark’s cancer treatment using the Keto diet which got the 2KetoDudes started on their journey.

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Binging through this the last 3 days!

Brian Sanders

Season 1 of 2

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I heard on Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida podcast a couple weeks ago that Ivor Cummins is starting up his Fat Emperor podcast again end of Jan. 2019. My husband (very skeptical) was brought over by watching Ivor’s video’s. His engineering logic is great…

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Love Ivor and if you haven’t read his book I strongly suggest doing so. He coauthored with Dr. Gerber, who is behind the low carb conferences in Colorado, his nickname here is Denver’s DietDoctor.

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He now does podcasts under Diet Doctor podcast, yea, for Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, They are excellent too.