Are polyols OK for keto?

(Bob M) #21

I think each of us has different triggers. I know, for instance, that I cannot eat bacon, as I overeat it, every time. I will also overeat chips (tortilla chips), ice cream, many sweet things. These are high carb things, but we have them in the house during holidays or whenever the family is around. They can eat those with no issues, whereas I would eat the whole bag of chips; there’s no off switch. I just choose not to eat them at all.

I think if you can handle something like sweets, then it’s not an issue for you. Some people aren’t like that, and that’s OK too.


Don’t loose sleep over it, because that’s not even a thing! Now that I do CKD/TKD I actually have to watch my fat intake… but put bacon in front of me? Get the hell out of the way!

When it came to bacon and egg breakfasts I tried using turkey bacon to slow myself down, worked at first, then I started cooking the turkey bacon in real bacon grease (pretty sure that defeats the purpose) then adding more salt to it, now I demolish that almost as bad as real bacon.

I also have no off switch with chips/pretzels etc. I can do starchy carbs around my workouts and be fine, there’s a time to eat them and a time not to, but something like chips I’ll be on a hair trigger for hours over it, sometimes a day or two. Then when I start mentally trying to rationalize the next thing that goes into my mouth I know I’m screwed.

(Bob M) #23

It’s definitely a process. I’ve been using in-season vegetables/fruits sometimes after my workouts. So, this week, I might use a tomato and maybe some fresh salsa.

On the other hand, I’ve been doing this so long, I can’t tell if there’s a benefit to upping my carbs after a workout. But I do like an occasional small amount of carbs, and eating these the first meal after a workout I’m sure affects me less than potentially at other times.

I’m sure there are people out there who can eat a single piece of bacon, or maybe two, and be happy. I tend to eat an entire meal, then still eat much or all of the bacon. Have to stop myself.


That’s why I landed on a hybrid of both TKD and CKD, they both have different benefits and I wanted them both. Carbs before workouts give you more glycolitic energy so you can push the workout harder and longer which clearly ends well for muscle gains, and as long as they’re higher GI carbs you burn them quickly and they’re more or less gone by workouts end. Whereas post workout carbs will reload muscle glycogen and aside from the aesthetics of having your muscles not being flat, unlike our liver glycogen the muscles don’t give it back, so it’ll be there for the next workout so when you stack the stored muscle energy with physical energy… good workouts! Then the rest of the time my carbs are super low and on my rest days I just eat normal keto stuff and up my fats again. I’ve seemed to more or less found the balance where I get the best of both worlds.