April 2023 Maintenance Check In


Wow, another month, another thread.

I am doing great staying a few lbs. under my goal weight these days. I had been 3 lbs. over before my bout with COVID, but now I am 4 lbs. under goal weight. Hope I can continue to hold this line.

Spring warmth some days is helping my over all mood as well. So I’m pretty darned good right now.

How are the rest of you doing these days?

MARCH 2023 Maintenance Check In

Didn’t weigh myself lately but my pants show no change.
But I have high hopes for my lunch skipping carnivore April! :smiley: Even if it won’t be like that all the time, I do what I easily can and it seems to be working this far.

I want to be active too, walks, stationary bike, normal bike, lifting (I get stronger more quickly now that I take it more seriously)… Maybe running but I am still so bad at it, I strongly prefer walking… But I have at least a tiny run here and there :wink:

Spring is a nice time for me, sunshine (okay, winter is very sunny too but now the days are longer and there is more to see), flowers galore, more warmth outside… So I am outside at least as much as in winter and more than in summer. But I am in the garden more as there is work to do and flowers to see!

Good time to make good changes, forming good habits…

(Chuck) #3

My weight is being fairly stable even with my jeans becoming looser. I am hopeful to at least drop below 200 pounds sometime in the future, right now I am stable at about 204.

(KM) #4

I had a sweet potato loaded with short rib fat and some cinnamon. Tomorrow is back to work!

(Doug) #5

Some day I’m going to walk in here and be a member, not just a curious onlooker. :wink:


Doug you are always welcome here.

Just stopping in to report I had a small jump up but it went back down really quickly. It was still under my original goal weight, so I didn’t panic, LOL.

Hope everyone is doing well.

(Doug) #7

“Maintenance” = a massively worthy goal. :sunglasses::clap:

(PJD) #8

Going on 2 years and 8 months since starting on Keto with IF. Have gone from just under 200lbs to 150 lbs and have maintained the weight. Trying to get back to walking daily now that it’s getting warmer. My wife gave up on Keto after trying it for 3 months. She’s not seeing the weight loss, maybe down 10 lbs with 35 to go. I think her issue is she didn’t go all in with IF and her business is too stressful for weight loss. Stress is a huge detriment to any weight loss goal simply because your cortisol levels are too high, then add insulin resistance makes it even more difficult. But IF would never work for her because she loves to eat and knowing that she would skip breakfast is asking too much. Living in the South, every social activity revolves around food. Yep, I’ve been an observer for scores of social activities. I’ll do the same tomorrow when we hold our son’s wedding shower and our daughter’s baby shower. I’ll probably fast all day and break it Sunday afternoon.

For me, I’m down to one med, Atenolol. A1C has been holding steady at 5.1 and with Dr. Berg’s HBP shake, my BP is down to 115/70. It got real close to home with my younger brother getting hit with a stroke in December at the young age of 52. Having T2D since 31 took its toll and what good did his meds do for him? Nothing. Had he gone on Keto back then, he wouldn’t even have T2D today nor have to take insulin shots 2 or 3 times daily. Because of his stroke, he’s on 3 more meds including lipitor.

(Robin) #9

Way to go!

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Better late than never. Here is this month’s link: