Apple Juice... Yuck

(Michael Iafrato ) #1

I am at the doctors getting my IVIG treatment for an autoimmune disease and whenever you start they give you juice. I am so used to just drinking the juice I started. Not even half a box in I felt horrible. I quickly threw the rest of it away. A not so gentle reminder that Apple Juice is NOT Keto.

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

What is their reason for the juice?


Good sugar, bad sugar… …|., to both :smiley:

(Richard Morris) #4

I see @izerian and @brenda do share more than a dodgy ticker … LOL


Hit my limit yesterday :confused: must have overshared. Much like overindulging or being overserved.

(Michael Iafrato ) #6

Reason for the juice is carbs are supposed to help you feel better during the treatment since it takes a lot out of you. However I’d rather sleep through it then feel crappy.

(Michael Iafrato ) #7

I’m confused what you mean.