Appetite Frequency Increasing

(J) #1

Essentially, since about March 25th, I had pretty much naturally gone to OMAD, eating anywhere from 24-26 hours. The last few days, I have found myself hungry sooner. I was a bit concerned wrt to my metabolism on the OMAD. I’ve been eating Keto, so it’s not a carb-deficit induced hunger. I lift heavy three times a week, walk several miles daily, etc. Is it best just to roll with these changes (i.e. fasting 18hrs, having two meals), or is OMAD ideal? Almost never hungry for breakfast. Trying to do what’s best to continue the fat loss trajectory (down 35lbs since late February), keep lifting heavy, but without carbs.

(Robin) #2

My experience is… follow what your body is telling you. I also eat one meal a day. Dinner. But occasionally I am suddenly ravenous when I wake up. So I stuff myself with my good food, and always feel better for it, and no change on the scales. Sometimes it’s only one day, sometimes longer. But as long as the food is in your approved options, go for it.
As always, that’s just me.

(Bob M) #3

I personally have never been able to implement OMAD as a way of eating. Can I eat OMAD periodically? Yes. Can I eat it every day? No.

I do body weight training to failure 2x/week and back/abs + jogging 2x/week. On the days I exercise, I physically cannot eat OMAD. Even the day after exercise, I’m hungry by around 10am.

I’ve been fasting 36 hours 1x/week lately, but the only way I can do that is if I have a day with no exercise, then fast the next day. If I do not have that “padding” day, I cannot fast.

(Joey) #4

As you can gather from all the personal experiences throughout this forum, there is clearly no right answer for each individual - and certainly not one that remains the right answer for that individual over time.

One of the most enjoyable things about keto (which is why calling it a “diet” is so misleading) is that you get to listen to what your body tells you. Carbs tend to mess up this natural hunger/satiety signaling.

And without the carbs getting the way, your body will still likely tell you different things at different times based on your unique current situation.

Don’t overlook that wonderful aspect of this way-of-eating. :vulcan_salute:


I think so. Well I don’t have any other option as I can’t force my body into a rhythm it doesn’t want - or I will get very miserable but I never tried.
Things change. Sometimes it is baffling but I just follow what my body wants when it’s very, very clear about it. If not, I may try different things…
One is almost a sacred rule (I am a flexible/weak one :smiley: but exceptions are rare): I don’t eat before 2pm. I never ever need it, I know that. But if my body would give me very serious real signs about needing food, I would eat.

(Bacon is better) #6

It is best to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Trying to outthink two million years of evolution is a losing game.

I’ve lost the link, but a fairly recent study found considerable variation in appetite from day to day, with appetite and energy expenditure rarely coming close to each other over any given 24-hour period. But over seven or eight days, they found, the match between appetite and energy expenditure was astonishingly precise.


Can’t grow without fuel! Eat my man!

(Kathy) #8

I do OMAD for the most part generally ( for about a years or so now). A minimum of 19-20 hours ( this is where I feel my best) the odd 24, but I find that unnecessary. I have been at my goal weight since last October. On the rare occasion I all of a sudden get hungry, if it does not pass, I just eat anything I want that is allowable, which is pretty broad being in maintenance. My theory is at this point anything beyond 16 hour fast is just a bonus. The odd day at about 3 pm I will have a snack, nuts, cheese/pepperoni, for some reason it will make me want to eat everything in sight, like I have not eaten in days!!! But that is mostly when I have played one of my sports for 2-3 hours.

Best thing is to wait/pause, listen to your body, then choose whether to break the fast or not. Sometimes it passes.


(Allie) #9

If you’re feeling hungrier then you need to listen to your body and eat.


THIS to the OP, listen to that statement :slight_smile:

THIS to the OP, again do this!

THIS to the OP, another again, eat when the body requires it. The body is telling you and just do!

THIS to the OP :partying_face: another eat!!

---------from me, your OMAD and your 2 meals per day or your 3 meals and no snacks to 1 meal one day and 2 meals with snacks the other days will just flip around. End of March…you are so new truly to adaption times here so just go with the flow and wishing you great success and forward movement!!