Anyone taken prednisone and gotten (leg) cramps...and resolved them?

(Bob M) #1

Have to take yet another course of prednisone since I tangled with a (wild) rose bush. About 15 or so days this time (only 9 before).

I keep getting cramps, mainly in my legs, though sometimes elsewhere.

Has anyone dealt with cramps caused by prednisone? If so, what did you do?

I’ve tried more salt and more magnesium, but these haven’t cured the cramps. Not sure if they even helped, though it’s possible they did. Potassium next?


Hi Bob, I’ve had bad leg cramps - have to stand up in the night and stop doing yoga (abdominal cramps).

They are fixed when I give up caffeine.

Do you drink much coffee and tea?

Might help. Good luck.


PS giving up the salt helped too.

(Bob M) #4

I drink 1-1/4 cups of coffee and two cups tea every day. You gave up this and salt too? That’s interesting.

I have found cramps to be very tough to decipher. I BELIEVE these particular cramps are caused by prednisone, mainly because I’ve had them since starting prednisone. But for me, cramps come and go with no rhyme or reason, other than maybe more exercise seems to cause them. Maybe.

And it’s very difficult to determine what actually cures them. They just seem to go away.

I’d love to have some pickle juice to test out, as it supposedly helps, but I don’t have any right now.


Hmmm, pickle juice? Is that Vinegar?

Yep i don’t have salt or caffeine and the cramps are gone. Suppose having more water and fruit tea is a double whammy against dehydration.


I take a course of Prednisone every so many years, when my allergic Asthma acts up horribly. I have ended up having my doc prescribing a muscle relaxant because I have spent nights trying to walk off leg cramps. It solved my issues, I took one at bedtime and slept the night through. During the day I toughed it out if it happened.
I am at the end of such a course right now but had zero cramps this time around. I have no idea what causes them, I get them if I get them, coffee or not, salt or not, potassium or not. It seems willy nilly.

(Bob M) #7

There’s a study where they caused cramps, then gave them pickle juice…and the cramps immediately stopped. Not sure why.

The cramps have basically gone away. I’m not sure why. I have tried to up my salt, such as putting salt in both my coffee and tea (usually only in coffee, and one cup of each in the morning), but I’m not great at remembering. I’m also taking slightly more magnesium, at night when I can remember. Not a huge difference.

But the cramps are gone.

While stopping coffee and tea might be better, I drink exactly the same amount of these every day, yet cramps come and go. It seems like coffee/tea doesn’t cause these.

(Joey) #8

I’m still fixated on the wild rose bush entanglement. By any chance were rose bushes involved in the study to induce cramps? :man_shrugging: