Anyone ever try zucchini in your protein shake?

(Heather Meyer) #1

Hey all,

So im late to the avacado game. I only started likimg avocado in my chocolate protein shake in the mornings. But i was curious…have any of you tried zucchini instead? Raw or cooked?

My thing is… I like my protein shake more like a smoothy…creamy texture instead of icy or liquid or foamy. Avocado is great for getting a creamy smoothie like texture. Just wondering if zucchini would also do that?


Just switch to casein and you’ll have a very thick smoothie, mix it in a bowl with just enough liquid and you’ll have a mousse.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #3

Zucchini has no fat, whereas avocado contains a high percentage of fat.

Casein is problematic to those who have problems with dairy proteins.


Avocado is a bit fatty and soft so it gets creamy, cucchini is very different. I used it in the past for savory turmixes, it always stays somewhat grainy, it was fine for my purposes back then but not for you.

I don’t need protein shakes at all (I eat way too much protein without that) but if I ever used such a thing, I would use egg yolk for creaminess. But I put eggs into everything and yolks are creamy. But I am sure there are options…


Zucchini works great in ketoed bread recipes. I don’t think it would work in a shake if you want smooth and creamy texture. too much fiber involved.


A1 Casein (can) be, A2 typically isn’t. With that said I’ve been diagnosed lactose intolerant twice and my food sensitivity test shows a response to Whey (mild on the scale) with no real life noticeable effect, yet no response to Casein.