Anyone else addicted to!


Love the forums, have read almost everything on the site so far. Public holidays are over now and back to work tomorrow…will no longer have the time to read everything the way I have been for the past three days. Oh, the horror!!! :scream::joy:


I may never go outside again, at least until Spring. I may also never check Facebook again. :wink:


Face-who? Ah, how soon we forget! Great decision to move to this format.


My new favorite emoji. :nofb:

(Henna Selnes) #5

I am really starting to like it here. It is very easy to get around, and it’s amazing just how much was missed if using the fb pages. Great setup. :+1:t2:

(Kelly Gallagher) #6

We are really slow at work over the holidays, like painfully have NOTHING to do slow. Definitely happy to have this to check throughout the boring days.

(Julie Pegler) #7

I hear ya on that! My work manages malls, so no one is calling in because they are too busy dealing with the malls and sales shoppers. There is a keto preggers reddit page. :slight_smile: stalk that.

(Brian Miller) #8

Definitely reading up as much on the forums as possible while work is slow.


Love it! And it will keep getting better and better!