Anyone doing extended fasting during #stayathome-time?

(ben) #1

I’ve never dared to go beyond 72 hours fasts, because the 4th day is usually a sports day. I really don’t want to have the runs then.

But since we have to stay@home at this turbulent times, I’m going to try an extended fast beyond 72 hours.
The past week has been tough, because I was responsible for cooking and it’s mentally challenging taking care of the kids while working at home. So it’s hard to resist not eating. (during office days, it’s much easier, as hunger feelings subside in the evenings. And if there’s nothing to eat, it’s easier to fast)

But I’ve passed the first 36 hours, resisting the temptation of a very tasty smelling diner. Hope to pass 48 hours soon, because usually it gets easier in the 3rd day.

I’ll see how far I can get. My soft goal is “the end of this soft lockdown” (we’re urged to stay at home, but we’re not prohibitated to go out) which should last 2 more weeks.

But if I can only manage 5 days, I’m totally fine with that too.

Fast is waterfast. No calories. Not even broth. Every 72th hour, extra magnesium and pottassium. Magnessium will be extracted from pills, cutting out the gelatine cap.

(Susan) #2

That is great, Ben, best wishes =). The longest fast I have done is 98 hours so far. I do the Zornfast on the forum once a month – we do that on the third Thursday of the month -but really anytime we want during that week --ie: I normally begin on Tuesday’s and go through until the Saturday or Sunday. I like doing that once a month as we do it in a group, and all forum members are very welcome =).

I will Fast during that week, but just doing my normal TMAD 20:4 IF daily for now. I feel that I am in the high risk category if I get the Virus, and my husband is working daily out in the public, and I have been out shopping a lot to stock up, trying to stay in now for as long as possible (except going into our back yard and down the street to get my mail daily). The factors that make me at risk are my Asthma, and my Sleep Apnea (both are listed as risk categories for it). I am 55 and still very overweight too. The factors in my favour are --the fact that I have been strict Keto for over a year now (since February 2019) and I have lost 66 pounds so far. I feel that this weighs in my favour -as I have been sugar free for over a year, very rarely have any alcohol, am much healthier this year plus on Keto then I have been in years, etc. I read that Fasting during this time might not be the best if you have any risk factors, which is why I am not atm.

I wish you and your family good health during this time of stress for us all =).

('Jackie P') #3

According to this article on, Keto is good but fasting not so good for immunity.

('Jackie P') #4


impossible to fast right now with confinement at home all day plus the general anxiety


You can’t be prohibited from going out totally, that’d be house arrest and not legal. But you realize this isn’t going away in 2 weeks right? The country is going to have to re-open sooner than later before the economy simply can’t be repaired but it won’t be that quick either.

(ben) #7

I’m pretty sure I’ve now fasted for 45 hours now. So it’s not really impossible

There’s a difference between “urged” and “prohibited”. This two weeks is to “flatten the curve”, we’ll see what will happen after two weeks.

And “house arrest” is far from illegal. Take a look at spain and italy.


guess I should have added “for me”


Spain and Italy
I have had direct and indirect contact with people in both countries and if you are out without a permit or for groceries or medication, you are either fined a lot of money or arrested. The police are out in their cars looking for offenders.

(Susan) #10

There is a $750 fine here in Ontario, Canada if you are found out in your car without going to a specific destination for a good purpose (work, groceries, pharmacy, medical) and if you go to a Park or any place that is a gathering place.

(Doug) #11

Susan, are these still open?

(Susan) #12

They changed the name years ago to The Beer Store, but are the same place =).


(Doug) #13

:slightly_smiling_face: Yeah - it was rather a trick question. Those were the years I was working in Canada; I’m guessing 1991 or so for the name change. Time flies…

(Susan) #14

I have lived in Ontario all of my life -except the 4 months that I lived in Illinois at a University there =). Time certainly does fly though, you are very right!! Hehe =).

(Jack Bennett) #15

What’s the idea behind disallowing people from going into parks? Too high a risk of close contact and transmission?

(Susan) #16

Yes --and many of the Parks have swing sets for the kids, and benches, etc so if people use these things, then the Virus can be on the things still --it sticks around in the air apparently for 3 hours, and on surfaces up to 12? that is what I read anyway.


I don’t live in Spain or Italy, in the US you can’t be confined to your house legally without due process and someone wearing a robe to sentence you that way for committing a crime. I never said house arrest wasn’t legal, I said telling the population you CAN’T leave would be house arrest.

(ben) #18

Kids are generally safe according to sources, but they’re usually accompanied by parents, which can (and will) be too close to eachother…

And I don’t live in the US. Like i said, I’ve never said that the government here said that you CAN’T leave the house. We’re urged to.

And I’m pretty sure that your (and other) governments can set up a curfew too. You still can leave your house (or property) then. You’d just be fined and/or arrested. And to be honest, I don’t need some law to force me to do a sensible thing… it’s in the best interest for all people to stay at home as much as possible.


Not doing that here, but in the playground areas my county has put signs up that basically say that they’re not bleaching the things so you’re on your own if you play on it. Haven’t seen anybody on that stuff yet. I know I’m not letting my kid on them.

(Susan) #20

I am very happy that we have quite a big back yard and a really nice swing set (2 normal swings, and a double one, with a slide on one end and a trampoline on the other) that we bought for half price at the end of August last summer for my grand daughter (that lives here, with her mom) so that we can take her outside daily for fresh air and exercise without the fear of contamination from other people.

It is illegal here to use the parks, and there are Closed signs at our two local parks, with a $750 fine if you are caught using them.