Any Keto Staples becoming unavailable yet?


I read an article a couple of weeks ago about the supply chain disruption and it predicted that basic products like toilet paper would come back on shelves since they were still being produced since everyone used them. The only difference would be that if this continued you would not be able to get your usual brand possibly. However, less common items over time would be out of stock since those businesses were closed or were producing more popular goods. For example I have a child who is gluten free. I have stocked up on Udi’s bread and frozen pizza for her but if this is still a problem in 4 months I think we will run out. I also got some extra almond flour and have some coconut flour from a pre virus sale. Wondering what else I should stock up on

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For several weeks there you couldn’t get eggs, or butter, or ground beef, or chicken. Tripe, beef cheeks, and beef tongue that were available though. I see that some of these things are coming back in the stores.

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I’m seeing either shortages of items or limited amounts allowed to purchase. Eggs can be short supply, cheeses disappear quickly unless they’re the expensive premium varieties. Some meats are sold out sometimes. But I have been able to get enough food, just not always what I went shopping intending to buy. :cowboy_hat_face:


I live way out in the boonies, and had no delivery service, but found out today that Instacart had expanded all the way into my neck of the woods (literally the woods). I have 3 big grocery stores to order from, and a pet store. I can find most things, but not much of a selection. No free range organic eggs, but cage free or organic. No soup bones anywhere to be found. Plenty of veggies, good selection there. Less variety of meat cuts, but the basics are there. That’s all I have explored so far. The 3 supermarkets are in a smallish town, some 35 miles from here.


Here in the suburbs of a major city with a lot of cases, there are plenty of eggs, milk, some produce is becoming less common, did not see any berries on my last outing but plenty of grapes. Meat and chicken in good supply although I could not find anything ground. Toilet paper is still a problem and we went into this in short supply because I had been waiting for a good sale. Hopefully that is my big regret. Not as worried about those things because everyone needs them so they will keep making them.

I am wondering if I need to stock up on the more obscure things like konjac noodles, Rao’s sauce, Udi’s for my daughter, nuts and nut flours, sugar alcohols and spices. I have a two bags of almond flour which will last me a month but then what happens if they are not making it because there is not as big a market

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When I had a low carb retail store I used to buy from Netrition dot com, they have a ton of gluten free items but they are in New York area. Not sure where you live but Sprouts also sells a lot of the flours in bulk and they are also cheaper that way. You can always reach out to someone and can get them for your daughter and ship them to you :slight_smile: Be safe! Rossana


Bob’s Red Mill has a gluten free pizza mix you can order online pretty much anywhere


There is no supply chain issues, food supply and trucking is essential. Everything is running as usual. The problem is the complete over-reaction of idiots emptying shelves every time the media does their best to make people more afraid than they need to be. The item limits will slow that down to a point, but it also makes people go to the supermarket 3x a week instead of once so add that up. As long as you keep grabbing what you need in reasonable intervals you should be fine.


I have not been able to buy toilet paper in almost a month. It is impossible here. It happened that when this struck we were a little low anyway but would have had plenty of time to buy more. We would have been completely out a week ago except that my husband who is self employed happened to have a pack in his now closed office. Then I got some from a snowbird relative (with her permission) who will not be back for awhile and whose house I am watching. Not only could I not get it locally, in Mid March I went to pick up my kids who are in school 6 hours away and where they had no cases of the virus yet. We went to 6 stores in two different college towns and could not find a pack. I am sure eventually there will be more.

Here is the article I was talking about

Other than that and avocado oil (use refined light olive instead) we have everything we need at the moment, plus I see plenty of gluten free flour, coconut and almond flour on shelves. However, I suspect that a month from now when that supply runs out, Costco or Trader Joe’s or my local Stop & Shop will be more focused on stocking bread or pasta than on coconut flour. Plus manufacturers of those products may not fare as well as Ronzoni or egg producers will. So I am wondering if there are specialty keto items that may go away while this sorts itself out the way toilet paper has

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There is a horrifying rumour that bacon may be in short supply in the U.S. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

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Let’s not spread those! :scream::scream::bacon::bacon::pig::yum:


You poor folks. No problem in Hungary, only whole-wheat flour and yeasts aren’t available since… a month, maybe? Yeast (the item that is fine on keto) sometimes reappear but there isn’t enough. I’ve read they can’t produce enough toilet paper (I still don’t get it. we bought some 1-2 weeks ago because we had not many rolls left, there was no TP shortage in the village I think. I saw empty shelves in supermarkets weeks ago), everything else is fine. The shop of the pig farm was FULL with smoked meat. I saw no other shops in some weeks but my SO says it’s fine. Hungary has lots of pigs, cattle and chicken and many other food so I don’t worry. Not like I couldn’t be a vegetarian again but I actually wouldn’t be happy to do it now that I can’t really afford carby stuff like vegetables…

I don’t know about special stuff in the future, I still could order them from a webshop but it’s not important. I am quite sure I can live on eggs, cheese and meat alone (and some spices and whatnot, I eat not much meat so I need other things in tiny amounts). I bought some cheese in March, I will run out in June. There are so many local places, they keep making food, I can keep buying them. Cheese would be more expensive from those places but we don’t need much. But I am sure the shops will stay well-stacked.

I played with the idea what would happen if I couldn’t go shopping for 3 or 6 months… I would still survive so I don’t worry but I am glad I can do some shopping so my woe doesn’t need to change.
So it’s all good here. But considering food is vital, it shouldn’t be too bad anywhere. Unless people lose their minds even more.


Costco was completely out of Rib Eye stakes for a couple of days last week. Price has gone up and quality has gone down. Bought T-Bones but they are more work to eat.

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