Another LMHR discussion, on vegan site

(Michael) #1

Do not normally watch plant chompers but thought this episode was good . Of note, Dayspring making unsubstantiated keto and ldlr claims, and others modifiers of ldl level other than SFA. Nothing too new for those who are well read on the topic, but a good discussion.
I subscribe to TWO YouTube channels, one of which is Nick Norowitz. Imho he is the future of health information.

(Bob M) #2

Nick is definitely a LMHR.

For me, Dayspring = cognitive dissonance. When I was on Twitter, he warned me about my (extremely) high Lp(a) level and CHD. The problem is that even with my insanely high Lp(a), I got a zero on a CAC scan. So, my risk of CHD is low. Now, could my Lp(a) cause other issues, such as coagulation issues? Sure, but no one can tell me what I can do for those, and no one has shown that lower Lp(a) will reduce those.


Weird, by that triad logo, when I was eating standard keto, I fit the definition for years. Since TKD/CKD my numbers dropped like a rock. Now my total is probably lower than it should be.

Standard Keto


(Bob M) #4

Well, if you are a LMHR, that’s expected. When you were eating keto, you were getting a lot of your fuel by transport partly through – guess what? – LDL. Now that you’re eating higher carb, you’re not, so LDL goes down.

It’s similar to Dave Feldman’s “famous” white bread experiment. Dave drops his LDL like a rock because he eats carbs (note that this is in 6 DAYS):


Now, it gets tricky because you’re muscular, which means that you should have lower LDL for various reasons. I know Dave had some theories about this, but I’m not sure they were tested with muscular folks. I do know Dave did a test on himself of using some device that worked his muscles and his LDL dropped, but I can’t find that study.

(Joey) #5

Perhaps you’ve developed a cholesterol deficiency. :wink:

Soon there’ll be a cure offered by Pharm after they run out of Ozempic prescribed off-label for weight loss.


Maybe… I love my Semaglutide though! But i’m not playing that price gouge game with mine :+1: I don’t know how anybody affords that crap the normal way.