Animal Based Diet

(Kiethen) #1

Has anyone been on the animal based diet before? The diet where it consists of same thing as Carnivore but you get to eat fruits as carbs. No veggies. I found that I experienced a lot of keto flu on keto but when I switched over to carnivore all those issues went away. Now I’m thinking about transitions over to Animal based.

I’m 160 LBS, 5’9, Male, 25 years old and I’m trying to get to 150 lbs. I’m not sure what my Macros should be on this diet. Are you suppose to eat a lot of fats still? Less fats since you’re eating carbs? Etc. So many questions. If anyone knows that can help it would be great!!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

I don’t think adding fruit back into your diet is going to help (unless you are dumping oxalate). Of course, you are free to do whatever works for you, so if you feel a need for fruit, then you don’t need our permission to eat it.

(Kiethen) #3

I’m trying to get out of keto and I’m aware that the animal diet is not keto at all. I was just wondering if anyone had experience with it and what should the macros be like. Maybe I posted this on the wrong topic!

(Brian) #4

I’m not sure I really understand what you are meaning by wanting to “get out of keto”. I’m not sure the word keto actually dictates whether you are more plant based, animal based, or whatever, but is definitely a matter of whether you are in ketosis.

Animal based foods will generally be zero to low carb and would fit the definition of keto quite well. Some might look at carnivore as a subset of keto as carnivores are pretty much always in ketosis. I have heard that it is even technically possible to eat a vegetarian diet and remain keto although I would think that would be a real challenge. A little fruit may kick you out of ketosis, then again, not all fruit is created equal and many persons eating keto already do eat some fruit.

So maybe a little more info on where you are and what you are eating now, what you don’t like and want not to eat (or how?) may be helpful tidbits in offering useful feedback. (?)


Look up Paul Saladino. He went from carnivore to animal based with honey and fruit.

Dr, Ted Naiman also talks about an animal based diet and timing the whole food fruit carbohydrates after the evening meal. It might improve sleep quality.

The macros as I understand them is eating meat with fat in it or attached to it, and eggs, when you are hungry. Then have a piece of fruit at night.

At 25 years old. if you feed your body nutritious whole foods that you prepare, your physiology will likely do the rest to get you healthier.


I call that Saladino-vore! There’s no “correct” way, just get in the carbs you need/want from fruits, honey, raw dairy sometimes, really up to you.

Keep in mind when we to standard keto we pretty much self invent every gram of fat being next to a gram of carbs equaling fat storage, doesn’t work that way in real life. Plus there’s also the fact that fructose is metabolized by the liver which means less of a sugar impact.

Works great for, lots of people, I went with a TKD/CKD Hybrid, because although I like fruit, I’m not huge on it either.

(Rossi Luo) #7

You can find some basics about Ketogenic Diet through google or bing whatever search engine you like. Yes, we need to eat a lot of fats, that’s the basic structure of Ketogenic Diet. Keto flu happened to some people including me, but usually, the Keto flu only happened at the beginning stage when you start the diet, the flu will go away just some days when your body adapts to fat burning mode.