Analytics - Comparison from my two Keto periods

(Ryan Clarke) #1


I had a very successful first ‘attempt’ at a Keto diet last Summer which I thoroughly enjoyed - losing almost 9.5 KG and 3.5% body fat in 3/4 months. Whilst the diet was sustainable, I felt great, healthy, energetic etc. I did quit for 3-4 months and following the birth of my daughter and an over-indulgent Christmas break I had put pretty much all of it back on, which I thought was fair enough.

I’ve tried again this year, with some success - 6.5KG and 3.2% body fat loss in the same period, but finding it harder work and less rewarding this time around - I think as the gains are slower than the previous period.

I’m copying below the ‘data points’ from both periods and I’d really greatly appreciate your feedback to help me get answers to my two main questions:

  1. I’ve used so many different calculators it’s difficult to know what kind of weight and body fat % loss I should be targeting (per week) and if my Macros are (or were) optimised. I got the feeling with attempt #1 I was potentially losing weight a little ‘too quickly’, but that also gave me the flexibility to have cheat days knowing it would not derail me for too long.
  2. Should I be taking the logical approach and reverting to my previous Macros where I was getting results I was happy with? I am currently 85KG which is by no means heavy, but my body-fat is around 25% fat which I am desperate to reduce. I do very little exercise currently, due to a combination of COVID and new family life - if that makes any difference.

Attempt #1 (Averages)

FAT - 120G / 65%
PROTEIN - 105G / 25%
CARBS - 17G / 4%
CAL - 1600

  • 0.7KG and 0.3% FAT loss per week

Attempt #2 (Averages)

FAT - 110G / 55%
PROTEIN - 135G / 35%
CARBS - 17G / 4%
CAL - 1700

  • 0.3KG and 0.1% FAT loss per week

Thank you so much in advance!

(Bob M) #2

Don’t be shocked if it’s harder to lose weight at the same time you have a baby. Any sleep deprivation, and there goes a lot when it comes to losing weight.

I personally like your second attempt better, higher protein. There is so much variability in weight loss, that I don’t think comparing the two is meaningful, though.

(Ryan Clarke) #3

Thank you, I appreciate your reply! Perhaps it is as simple as the ~100 calories less a day, which is contributing to the significant delta in weight loss (~0.4KG/week average!). I’m trying ‘Attempt #1’ again now…


(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #4

Be careful that your metabolism doesn’t slow down as a result of the decreased caloric intake. The body adapts metabolic expenditure to intake, which is the reason that a number of people find that they don’t start losing fat until they increase their food intake. We recommend eating to satiety as a strategy to ensure getting enough food. After an initial period of adaptation, most people find their appetite adjusting itself so that the necessary energy can come both from dietary fat and from excess stored fat.