An interesting observation regarding carnivore

(Brian) #21

I’m not sure what regulations say about that here. It was something that happened at the slaughter house, right before it was put down, not on the way to or before, at least from what I’m told. I’m not familiar enough with the process to know where along the line that might have happened. It was a small slaughter house, not one of the big mega operations. I don’t believe they’re being used by my neighbor anymore as they had other problems. (It might be that they’re not even in business anymore.)

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I haven’t met many eggs or egg dishes I didn’t like. LOL!!

My wife makes a Mexican style quiche, basically eggs, ground beef and cheese, that I really like. I have them several mornings a week as scrambled, my wife makes them barely done, not runny, but only just past, super moist and tender, which I really like. She doesn’t like the yolks runny but I LOVE a sunny side up egg over a hamburger!! That runny yolk is like gravy to me. :slight_smile: Can’t think of any egg I’ve ever been offered (other than raw) that I didn’t like other than those store-bought that had a taste of “feathers” and sometimes gave me “sulfur puffs”. :wink: I don’t get those normally. (TMI… LOL!)

Oh, used to love egg salad but since I don’t eat bread anymore, that kinda went away. I used to love egg and olive (pretty much egg salad with green olives chopped up in it) as well but that went away, too, same reason.

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True enough. I called one of our local processors about bringing in an injured beeve and they said they couldn’t take it because it would have a fever.

And I’m not really sure how that would work. I would assume the same way but then the processor would be held liable and would have to compensate the owner…I would assume. Sounds like they were trying to cover it up and get by with it.

(Brian) #24

Probably. I would guess they were moving from one place to another, perhaps from a holding area to the place they put them down and something happened there. Dunno.


I only heard about quiche a few years ago and never made it with meat yet but sounds very good as I can get carried away with eggs but I should focus on meat as it’s more satiating and give me better nutrition (eggs have almost everything but not everything while it’s possible to live on meat)… I only put sausage slices or bacon pieces into my quiche before. But usually it’s vegetarian and very lovely!

I love the runny yolk of the sunny side up, I dislike the fried white part. Poached eggs are lovely as they can have runny yolk and soft whites and eggs in purgatory gives me as the weekday cook a very very easy time sometimes. It’s not carnivore but poached eggs in a soup can be. Yum.

I like raw egg dishes, they are irreplaceable to me but the raw whites are only good mixed well with whatever else I use. I had 2 raw eggs today, both in egg milk. I try to keep myself from drinking too much of it, so easy…

I only tried to make egg salad once, it wasn’t great and I didn’t see the point so I gave up. But sometimes I wonder about trying again…
I usually get a better dish if I skip the bread but if I need it, I just use my own “bread”, it’s my sponge cake buns made in muffin mold, one of my very few 100% egg dishes. Even I like to use something else, usually dairy but I often eat my boiled eggs with mustard or salt. Good alone too but as I don’t like boiled eggs sooo much, I like to enhance the flavor… I am often too lazy to make deviled eggs (while I bake wheat bread once or twice a week but that’s more fun for some reason and anyway, my SO needs it. it’s inferior bread as it has no eggs. what bread doesn’t have eggs? not the ones I like and I like various ones to various extent).

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I hope I’m not goin’ against the rules but here’s what I was thinkin’. I couldn’t remember what it was called exactly.

It’s pretty close to carnivore though some wouldn’t consider it quite there. It’s close enough for me but I’m pretty liberal when it comes to that. I also like it with a little sour cream and maybe some salsa on top, but I know the salsa wouldn’t be carnivore, either. But it’s good even without. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! Sounds so nice and I am currently in need of new recipes. For my first years on/off keto I was fine with fried and roasted meat dishes (and my usual egg dishes and some dairy) but now I just got bored of those simple meat dishes or more like the meat I buy disappointed me in that way, no idea if I changed or my ingredients… But I can get bored of things sometimes.
This dish looks pretty too and I get all my important food groups in one :smiley: I need meat and eggs anyway, dairy is less important but I eat that too for variety just not in a big amount like the other two.
I will make changes, of course as it is my wont but it seems a good base. I should have thought about adding ground meat to my quiche but I rarely made it and I was happy with my normal version.
But it’s time to change things soon :wink:

I need some wet meat dishes too (IDK if there is a proper English term for them), there is stew and I surely can do something with cream too… I only cook meat since a few years and I kept them mostly super simple (I do have meatballs but that involves cleaning some kitchen machine and carnivore made me lazier than I was!).

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That recipe looks good, but 6 servings…not for me. 2 maybe. I’d have to make two of these for my family.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #29

A shame to waste the carcasse, though, since they’d have to put the animal down, out of simple humanity.

(Brian) #30

LOL!! I hear ya!

I’ve learned that not everyone considers a “serving” to be the same thing. The lady that puts out those recipes (Carolyn Ketchum, she’s a nice person, sells a few books but gives away most of her recipes online) is probably catering to people who want small servings. Most of the time, I consider 2 to 3 “servings” to be my normal sized portion for most occasions. Also, I think some people use the idea of a “serving” to be one of 3 or 4 items on a person’s plate. If this is the only item, a serving would be kinda small, at least it would be for me. Then again, I just ate a whole pound of ground beef on the opening post. LOL!!

(Geoffrey) #31

I agree but I have no idea what they would do in that case. Me? I’d still take the meat. I eat a lot of wild game so a bovine with a little adrenaline running through it won’t spoil it for me.


I personally don’t have “serving” in my dictionary. I always get confused when people talk about this mystical thing. We are all different. I don’t do “servings” at all… Can’t interpret it but even if I could, the interpretation would be mine and other people easily could have a wildly different one.
But I don’t have it. I may eat one small something or 6, it depends.

A pound of meat isn’t even a proper meal to me… Not like I don’t have small meals on carnivore (but then I have many) or I often eat this amount of meat per meal but if I have 6 eggs and a bunch of dairy in my lunch, I just don’t need a lot of meat as well…

But if I eat quiche, that’s usually 1 or 2 muffins only. One muffin is usually half an egg, no matter what kind of food I make in my muffin mold (except Scotch egg when I made it a few times but that’s special and I actually thought about using only half an egg but that would make them weird shaped unless I cut them up…). As it’s just one course of my multi-course lunch.

But if something is a dessert, I just eat it up, most of the time… I didn’t need and couldn’t afford fat bombs but I liked them and made them occasionally. It was rare that I could leave any. I only made 16 though… Tiny ones. Still too much unnecessary, unsatiating fat for me… But they were great. I had a peanut addiction before carnivore. it was so great that carnivore solved it on day#1. Even my off days are easier now regarding this tiny problem.

I don’t even try to compare my carnivore meat portions with some people’s and I don’t even eat really much meat… But some people eat BITES. Like, 4-5 oz. Maybe it’s because I was a vegetarian for so long but when I ate meat, I meant business even before carnivore. My SO’s Mom eventually learned that a single ~400g chicken leg (I am so amazed how big they are when half of their pelvis is in it too, we have those inflated legs here) just doesn’t cut it for me (chicken isn’t satiating for me but it helps until I go home and eat something substantial. and I don’t only eat that anyway, at least some soup is present with more meat).


Tried this today. Little more than half of it was enough to satiate me. Was pretty good. Left out the spices though. Just eggs, cream, cheese, meat, salt. The proportions I used were all but exact. But mixing eggs with cream is a very forgiving thing. It would probably work the same when using half the number of eggs or even no cream at all.

If you want to try that, let it rest for some time and cool down a little after it is finished. I had lots of fat on top and if I would have taken it out while it was hot, it would have been a mess. After cooling down (still was almost too hot to eat) the fat was reabsorbed and it had a good consistency.

(Edith) #34

Oh my gosh!!! I made this and it is absolutely delicious!!!


I love eggs and make quiche from our farm eggs, but after eating eggs mainly two days in a row, I was very constipated. Eggs and cheese for me are off the menu for now.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #36

A little more fat would take care of that. Either bacon or butter–or both, yum!


Hi Paul, I was soaking the quiche in butter and tallow. I am off eggs and cheese for now!

(Bob M) #38

Have you tried just eggs or just cheese? I would be surprised if just eggs would cause constipation, but I’ve been known to be wrong. A lot.


Hi Bob, yesterday arvo I had eggs and bacon. Today I feel bloated and constipated. :frowning:

(Eve) #40

Add some roughage into your diet.