Amy Berger Is Alive & Well

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Amy Berger is alive and well.


Most of my outside writing is now done for Biotics (a professional line of supplements) and Keto Chow (producer of keto-friendly meal replacement shakes that I actually endorse and think are the real deal). Keto Chow gives me a byline (crediting me as the author) but Biotics does not. Take my word for it – if I’m posting a link here, I wrote the article. The articles for Biotics are intended mostly for medical and nutrition professionals, BUT, I know my blog audience is very savvy and you will have no trouble understanding any of them. In fact, if you like the educational nature of my blog posts (back when I was actually posting some), you will probably especially like the Biotics articles because they are fully referenced with links to supporting scientific literature that you might want to dive into if you are so inclined. The Keto Chow articles are also fully referenced, but they’re written more for the general public/laypeople and are a bit more casual in tone. I feel fortunate that I get to do both kinds of writing and “keep the lights on,” as they say. Woohoo!


She has been doing the keto podcast rounds again too. Don’t have a list handy, sorry. She and Dr. Westman have released a book and she is doing a lot of PR for it.