Am I in the twilight zone?


(nicholas duane zimmerman) #1

I have been eating like shit for years and have always been hungry after meals, whenever I did go to the gym I always half hearted it even with pre workouts. I started a 24hour fast 4 days ago which turned into a 36 hour fast because I wasn’t hungry. I broke it with a salad with chicken and bacon. The next day I had eggs and bacon for breakfast went to work with nothing else to eat, got out at 5:30 am and went to the gym. Thats when the twilight zone started, I worked out harder then I ever have. I seriously did like 5-6 reps on like 12 different machines and still had energy flowing. I left after an hour because I thought I was going to be really sore, woke up 7 hours later and felt great. Had my eggs and bacon and went back to the gym :smiley: Did another hour and a half and still felt great with infinite energy, WTF is going on haha p.s I just did a keto strip test and came back dark purple.

(Dave) #2

What do your pupils look like? You may be high on ketones

(Richard Morris) #3

Welcome to being able to use your stored energy :slight_smile:

(nicholas duane zimmerman) #4

my pupils are small

(nicholas duane zimmerman) #5

Thank you, it really has big such a big difference I couldn’t believe it. Just energy that never seems to deplete, also I seemed to have more energy when I worked out on an emprty stomache.

(Guardian of the bacon) #6

Welcome to ketopia.

(nicholas duane zimmerman) #7

Thanks, been listening to 2 Keto dudes thats how I found out about this forum.