Am I ACTUALLY hungry?

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #1

OK, so I’m 36 hours or so into a fast. (Despite my undeserved and unwarranted reputation from people who can’t read well :slight_smile:

Yesterday (9-24 hours of the fast, or -6 - 7 depending on your counting methodology) was crazy. I haven’t been feeling good for a couple of weeks (bad headaches are back, and I doubt the new ADHD/depression meds are helping either), so it’s been somewhat difficult.

Anyway, I got through the day eventually despite being RAVENOUSLY hungry several times - I kept finding myself standing at the fridge, with the door open. Very annoying. And triggering. (Yes, I was pretty spaced, it’s kinda obvious, and so I think that had a fair bit to do with it :slight_smile:

So, I figured last night that I would go through to this morning and then have three regularly-spaced meals.

When I woke up 5qm, the hours ago), I wasn’t hungry at all, but now I’m back to really really wanting to try the new sous vide egg-cooking method I found yesterday. So my stomach is rumbling very loudly, and has been for a couple of hours.

My question is - am I ACTUALLY hungry? Or is it just my brain triggering hormones as a method of enabling it to do what it wants (the eggsperiment)? I’m flipflopping between the two ideas, and being sure both are entirely correct.

Or is it both?

It’s interesting. The brain/body is a circular confounding thing, that doesn’t run on normal closed-system rules.

(John) #2

If your stomach is empty and growling, you are probably actually hungry. You don’t have to respond to those cues, though, and after a while it will shut up.

If you want to eat, eat! Fasting isn’t the answer to everything, you know.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #3

Oh yes, that was all of my yesterday :slight_smile:

If you want to eat, eat! Fasting isn’t the answer to everything, you know.


(Doug) #4

Right on, John. Hunger hormones have several peaks throughout the day, including a learned-response to normal mealtimes.

It’s true that if one can ignore it, hunger does decline substantially pretty fast, usually. Yet I also think there’s an overall mental stress or tiredness that builds up - and maybe this is just me being a wimp - but a few times I’ve just thrown in the towel and eaten, not because of real, pressing hunger, but because I just “felt like eating” and wasn’t in the mood to fight it any longer.

Good stuff from Dr. Fung:

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #5

I think that also falls under the heading of being sensible.

(Lisa ) #6

I’m here with you, juice!
At about 36 hours into a water fast - had some black coffee with a teaspoon of MCT oil and a bottle of water with a herbal teabag in it…That seems to have got me through my brain hunger!!


A quick check I’ve always done is to sit it out a few hours, water, salt, etc – then if I’m still feeling that way a few hours later, I stop because I’m most likely hungry and actually need to eat.

When I’ve waited a few hours and feel better, it’s a good cue that it was false signals, adapting, whatever you want to call it, and I can keep going.

(Doug) #8

Gaff, have to laugh - reading rapidly, my brain had you sitting in the ocean, there.

The “wait and see” deal sounds good, but even there I question what is really going on. I’ve still got 90+ pounds of fat to lose, so would I “actually need to eat”?

Salt, magnesium, etc., has helped at times but it’s no necessary miracle cure. Perhaps I should be more diligent about recording what I do while fasting.

There have been times where I really really crappy in the evening, held out and did not eat, just went to sleep. Then the next day I feel great…


That definitely has helped me too. If I’m not sure if I’m hungry and need to eat, I just sit in the ocean for a few hours.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #10

Catching fish and eating them, bear-style?

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #11

Maybe you should have a teaspoon of PURE ALLULOSE and you will feel better, if all else fails, you should probably just fast fast fast. Don’t forget the avocado and tuna though. Very important.

Juicey, you are not hungry, you just want to cook your eggs in your new gadget, refrain yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


I fasted for 19 hours today during my 23 - 1/2 mile walk. I counted the amount of times my stomach grumbled and it was 5. Now and then I would take a little dose of Himalayan pink salt and I would just forget about the pangs. I never felt dizzy or sick or anything, it was just a stomach grumble. You can totally ignore it.
Foot note, If you do feel sick at cetera you need to address it but I never felt sick because I’m pretty fat adapted.