Allergic to casein discovered by accident with protein shake tonight. Lmao

(Kimberly Beck) #1

Im laughing at myself because i could probably be anaphylactic if i take a protien shake again. Omg. Im glad i know this now. But geez…

A little back story… Ok so i started keto few months ago, was going fine…then my blood sugar started to drop after eating. And was hungry every 4 hours. Looked into that and increased my fats and fiber by nearly 2x. Stopped the blood dropping but i gained weight. I was a little less hungry, about 5 and a half hours between meals.

While researching insulin i ran across leptin research. Im definately having leptin resistance here. So i look into that. I am doing everything suggested … Except more protien. Being a single mom i cant afford a ton of healthy meat, so i opted to try a protien powder.

I know its not keto, and actually was agaisnt it. But to stay full it was worth giving it a shot. I had 2 protien shakes prior to tonight but with half the dose reccomended. The first being maybe a month ago. I had bloating and all of that, and thought it was acv. Then i thought it was cheese. But i wasnt about to give up chese. So i reduced it.

The second time i had it was earlier this week. I had a terrible migraine that lasted 13 hours, (but until tonight didnt correlate it with the powder) i was nauseous and had a small fever. I thought i was either coming down sick or the migraine was making me feel sick and wondering though how a migraine could cause the elevated temp?! There was less bloating the second time. And i felt full for maybe 6 and a half hours.

So earlier today i had a shake. It made me feel so ill. I immidiatley wanted pickle juice and tons of water. (Still clueless to what was happening). So i took tylenol for the back pain and headache i soon developed. I drank some Chicken broth, packed a lunch and went to work. I felt better about an hour later.

This time it kept me full for about 8 and a half hours. After arriving home from work i had dinner but couldnt be satisfied. I tried not to eat but i was sooo hungry. So i had a second salad. An hour later i was hungry. My stomach is growling and saying feeeed me. Right. So i think… Hey protien powder!! Ill have some and feel full and be able to sleep through the night =)

Wrong. This time i decide to take the full 2 scoops to make sure i had the recommended amount and not wake up starving in 5hours. Almost immidiatley this wierd feeling came over me. Within minutes it felt as though my legs were swelling. Then i could feel this wierd sqeezing pain start in my head (turns out to be swelling) and my face. Before i know it, i have a killer headache.

I google headache and protien powder. Read through a plathora of articles, all of which describe part of,my symptoms and say allergy. So i take 3 benedryl. This is probably what saved me tbh. I continue to read , but i feel really bad and go sit down. My lips began to tingle and my face is still swelling at this point. I think about milk… Whey… Casein! Boom.

Google casien allergy. Whallah!! I get up to report all my findings to my son and my tongue is thick. Lol. I took 3 more benedryl .im laughing internally because im an idiot.

The articles on casein allergy say … If you are allergic to casein you had an allergy to milk as a kid… Like OMG im so stupid. Yes!!! I guess i grew tolerant through the years, but there is a threshold … I found it.

And you know what sucks about all of this. Even though i am happy i know not to eat it again, and i am really happy the swelling hasnt spread to my throat… there are 3 downfalls.

  1. i can not have any cheese
  2. i will have this damn migraine until tomorrow
  3. im still hungry and my stomach is growling

(Omar) #2

the positive thing is that you were able to identify what hurts you.

(Karen) #3

If you are not allergic to nuts they are very satiating. Glad you’re safe.

(Kimberly Beck) #4

Thank you. I use nuts at work. They seem to work well. I dont digest walnuts properly, but almonds are ok. Thank you for bringing that up i can buy more for,my home.

(Kimberly Beck) #5

Yes. Its crazy. But i am really happy that i know this. So i really do need to remove all cheese from my diet and any dairy. According to some articles i may be able to have butter and heavy cream. But not sure if thats worth experimenting with. Or if its best for my overall health and wellness to just eliminate those as well.

Eating small amounts something i am allergic to over the last 30 years because i was only avoiding actual milk, probably plays a really big part of ibs and other issues. I can just imagine the cascading events.

Im am very excited to be enlightened. Sad i cant have cheese. And this morning the swelling in face is present, headache is minimal. Had lots of running to the bathroom. Taking more benedryl as precautionary. And trying to abstain from solids as best as i can.

Im thinking a basic bland diet and liquids as much as possible

(Karen) #6

Lots of ok faux cheeses I have two children who can’t have dairy.

(Brian) #7

Interesting. I wonder, could it be something about the casein in isolation that causes the problems more so than it being an ingredient in whole food kinds of dairy products?

Could you have real cheese and other dairy products (like Greek yogurt maybe) and not have problems with those? Or are they problems all by themselves? I also wondered whether you’d have any reaction to goat dairy products?

I know you were looking for protein. It is frustrating that it can be so expensive. We look for deals but it still can be quite expensive.

Good luck!!

(Kimberly Beck) #8

Thank you for the luck. Right now im afraid to try anything dairy related, but the goat milk thing might be something to experiment with later on.

(Kimberly Beck) #9

Hmmm… Something to think about. Thank you very much.