All Potato Diet Lunacy

(Cathy Schroder) #1

Has anyone seen this? If the Age is reporting correctly, (and who knows if this is the case), it seems as though the Dieticians Association of Australia aren’t too concerned about this diet and yet they lambast Keto and Paleo!

(carl) #2

Here’s what I know. Apparently, you need a little fat in order to release insulin. If you have zero fat in your diet, you can lower insulin levels, even int the presence of high carbs like potatoes. The problem is that carbs and fat usually come in the same package.

People like Penn Jillete have lost weight on an all-potato diet. Fine. I’d rather lose weight eating rib eye slathered in butter.

(Michael Iafrato ) #3

I’ll give up potatoes for bacon!

(Brooke ) #4

He was on the Rich Roll podcast a few weeks ago. It was interesting to hear his story. I like to “go to the dark side” and listen to Vegan podcasts. lol.

(Kylie Woodruff) #5

I’m sure this guy has been all over the Australian morning news shows all year! I’ve wondered the same thing! It’s crazy.

(Richard Morris) #6

It’s also a very monotonous diet so you don’t overeat calories . #boringPotato

It is a hack that works tho, and it does by lowering insulin as @carl says and then that releases some body fat which is then used by cells in your body for energy (because insulin is low) and then fat in circulation eventually causes some insulin to be made which shuts off fat … which eventually shuts off the insulin and so on.

The biochemistry does work, but it’s more of a stupid metabolic trick than a way of fueling your body.

(Kylie Woodruff) #7

Hahaha @richard they didn’t find that out on Sunrise!!! Excellent explanation!