Akismet Blocked

(buzz) #1

I replied to an automated message I received, but I don’t know if you will receive that post.

How long does it typically take for a post hidden by Akismet to be unhidden by an admin?

I posted my first post yesterday, but it’s still hidden.

(Susan) #2

Perhaps the post was an advertisement so was flogged and deleted. That happens sometimes.

Welcome to the forum =).

(buzz) #3

I did place a link in the post, because I am curious about a free, homemade electrolyte recipe I found on the web. Perhaps the link caused it to be hidden by Akismet.

I hope the admin will unhide it, because I have a lot of questions in that post that I need answered! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome!

(Susan) #4

I would suggest you pm one of the admins and maybe they could help you with your issue =).

Then they can look into it for you.

(buzz) #5

I looked for a way to do that, but didn’t find it. Is there a specific place to do this?

(Susan) #6

@Digital_Dave @PetaMarie @Ruina -could one of you kindly look into this for @buzz and figure it out for him/her please?

They will see this and can help you -they are all kind and helpful admins -there are several more here as well -just I tagged those three so one of them can help =). All the admins here are so helpful, I just don’t want to tag them all, hehe =).

(buzz) #7

Thank you so much!


Akismet’s a POS, unless it’s changed it uses datamined info from all other akismet installs and wrongly calls crap spam more than it does it’s job. Years ago everybody put it on Wordpress blogs and that thing was flagging people blogs into ghost towns!

(buzz) #9

Based on my experience so far, I have to agree.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #10

@buzz If you put a link in the post, that’s why it got caught by Akismet. Discourse will do the same thing, if Akismet doesn’t get it first.

Pro tip: If the link is to bit.ly, any admin is going to consider it spam without even looking further.

If the post hasn’t shown up, let’s assume it’s gone. If you want to repost, let me know in advance, and I’ll keep an eye out to see what happens to it. You may have been on the forums long enough by now, so that it won’t get flagged, but we can see. If you want to give me some time first, however, I can look through the logs and see if the original post can still be resurrected.


I just looked it up Paul, and dropped a copy of it for ya to look at… Gotta step away for a few…

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #12

Found it. It’s back. @buzz any further problems, just @ forum_admin (i.e., @ + text, with no space), and whoever’s on line can help you.

(buzz) #13

Thank you all for your help!

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #14

You’re welcome. It was the Snake Juice link that did it. When in doubt, you can say that you have a link that you will PM to anyone who wants to check it out, or else quote the relevant part of the off-site page, instead of linking. Anything that looks like promoting a product is going to get caught and flagged, either by the system or by a forum member. Links to scientific or media sites are safe to post; it’s the product-related stuff that gets a reaction.

For the sake of general awareness: Since Carl and Richard are spending a lot of their own money to keep KF going, they are averse to giving out free promotions to other people’s products. They are willing to quote advertising rates, however.

(buzz) #15

Thank you, Paul.

As far as I can tell, the Snake Juice recipe is 100% free, no strings attached; everything can be sourced from Amazon/elsewhere. I don’t know if they do other business at that site, but I’m very interested in trying the recipe–but, I want to know what the fasting sages here think about it.

Thank you again!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #16

Of course you can always copy a recipe and share that in a post too, might be simpler so people can look without leaving the forum thread. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Allie) #17

Snake Juice… just the mention of it makes me want to hide.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #18

Hi Buzz. I’m sorry your post is lost in space. I viewed the Askimet notice and visited the site you linked out to. While the recipe for Snake Juice was at the bottom of the page “for free” the top of the page was offering individualized fasting programs for a fee so I agreed that it was spam. We do our best around here to minimize spammers and I think it’s beneficial to the forums. Spammers are getting smarter and we’ve caught a couple posing as members only to plug their site or product.

In the future copy and paste the thing you want advice on right into your post. Welcome to the forum!

(buzz) #19

Will do. The post was actually released/posted yesterday, so all is well. Thank you!