Advice needed - three weeks since I started - minor heart palpitations and mucus after dairy ...?

(Bansaw) #1

Its been three weeks, I am testing my urine strips and find that I am producing ketones.

My energy has improved a touch, and I’ve lost a few pounds.
But there are a couple of things happening to me that I’d like advice for.

  1. I have a few heart palpitations sometimes just after my main meal (dinner).
    I wonder if I have leaky gut and somethings are leaking into my bloodstream?
    My wife and I are starting to drink some bone broth soon.

  2. Mucus build up after dairy.
    After a yogurt or similar, I feel a mucus build up in my nose and throat.

thanks ,

(Kerin ) #2

Heres a link for the dairy issue.
Also, account for your electrolytes (potassium, magnesium and sodium, different from salt). Also, try adding apple cider vinegar. We think we are too acidic, however, we can be under acidic (alkaline) while digesting protein.
But definitely call a real Doctor if you want and make the appointment. :tada:


I occasionally get palpitations after eating, too, but nothing serious. I figure it has something to do with blood sugar levels changing or all the hundreds of things that happen behind the scenes whenever we eat something.

I always get mucous from dairy. When I gave it up I was also able to give up Flonase, Afrin and Claritin.