Added icon for forum to home screen - easy peasy

(Carol E. ) #1

No idea if the Discourse app is better/more robust but the home screen icon works for me. Posting in case someone finds this option useful. Keto On! :sunglasses:

(Carol E. ) #2

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

You can do something similar on Android as well. Just open the … menu in Chrome, and select “Add to Home Screen”.

Because of the way the site is written, it opens as it’s own window (app-like), instead of opening in the browser. I haven’t even bothered to try the Discourse app, since the mobile site works so well.


The Discourse app gives you an easy way to get notifications, but the interface for the forum is very much like the one you get with the desktop shortcut in Chrome. I prefer tabbed browsing myself.