Acidic urine on carnivore diet



Hey gang, I’ve been carnivore for 2.5 years due to severe gut issues and MCAS and have been going really well on just red meat, Redmond salt, lambs brains, beef liver and water. I tried to use the PKD protocol and it was going really well. About 3 months ago I added in goat milk kefir and eggs and seemed to tolerate it and loved the way the kefir was helping me fall asleep at night. I also think the kefir was helping me tolerate the eggs. The only issue here is that I have been both dairy and egg intolerant my whole life but I heard that kefir can somehow rectify this. Anyway, fast forward a month or so and mucus started forming in my nostrils etc which I haven’t had for years and my urine started burning so I promptly stopped the kefir and eggs. It got so bad that I have been down a rabbit hole with all sorts of tests but everything “sinister” came back negative (STI,UTI, kidney function etc). I’ve since realised my ketones have been super high and that is possibly causing the acidic urine which has inflamed my bladder etc. I don’t know what to do as I’m so allergic to pretty much everything except this red meat and this burning has been going on for months! I started taking some bicarbonate soda and this helps temporarily but I’d like to get back to how I was pre kefir etc! Any thoughts? I also heard potassium citrate can help? I have the now foods powder in the cupboard but I’m scared to take it as I don’t want to mess up my balance (I haven’t been supplementing potassium at all). How much is too much potassium for pure carnivore?
I usually eat porterhouse steak which has a decent amount of fat, beef mince with fat and I’ll even add in extra fat if I feel like it.
Is there a way to reduce the amount of ketosis I’m in too as I seem to be peaking up over 8 or 9 on the urine test strips and urine ph is 5!
Please help!
Thanks for reading!

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Another possibility is oxalate dumping. Do an Internet search for “Sally K. Norton” and take a look at her Web site. If it is oxalate dumping, her site will have tips on how to deal with it.


Your Urine pH is completely normal, have you ever done food sensitivity testing to actually see what’s going on? With eggs it’s usually either the yolks or the whites, diary intolerances can be mimicked perfectly by tons of gut issues.


Hi Dave,

'‘Possibly causing acidic urine’…how do you know this?
It may be a totally unrelated badder infection for example; cystitis.

How’s your uric acid readings?
Ever sufferred from gout?


Never had gout, all the tests came back clear with regards to UTI, STI and kidney issues. I’m “healthy” as far as the dr is concerned.
My urine PH is 5 and ketones are over 9. Bicarbonate has helped bring it down but that seems to be temporary.
I have a feeling I’m eating too much fat. Supposedly high ketones can cause acidic urine so I’ll drop the fat and eat more protein for a while and see what happens :pray:


After 2 years? My urine is super acidic to the point that it is burning the skin on my penis (sorry if TMI) and is testing to be PH 5 and ketones over 9 in urine test.
Seems more likely it is something to do with that :weary:


Yeah always been allergic, had tests done when I was younger and that one came back so alongside dairy.


As did I, diagnosed lactose intolerant more than once over the years, and I never was. Our ability to test that stuff was a joke years ago, that’s why I recommended a sensitivity test.

Also, you use the term allergic, are you using that intentionally? Like if you have diary you have an actual allergic reaction it? Need to take Benadryl/steroids etc? That’s really rare, even for people that dont tolerate dairy. That would push me further to take a modern test to really see what’s going on.

I have a moderate reaction to Whey, no reaction at all to Casein, either A1 or A2, no issues with lactase enzyme, years ago if I had diary all hell broke lose, was my gut bacteria the whole time, all those years. I consume dairy regularly now. Also show an egg white reaction, but no yolk issues, I also eat eggs all the time, no issues.

Our bodies react to a lot of things we eat, which isn’t the same as being being allergic despite that making sense. How often (or not) you consume them also changes that reaction huge.

My Whey reaction is half what it used to be a couple years ago, as is my egg white one. I wasn’t going to give up stuff I liked without a fight, glad I didn’t.


Urine tests are not very reliable to measure ketones. However, if you are using them and getting high numbers it is a good indication you are not hydrating well. Try drinking more plain water, not coffe, teas, etc. and see if the strips drop your number.

Good luck sorting yourself out and a big welcome to the forums.


Thank you so much!

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I know you said you came back clean for STIs, but there are some infections and conditions that are not the classic ones they’d test for, which would raise the sensitivity of your penile skin, possibly making your bordering-on-low urine pH painful. They include a prostate infection, urethritis, a resistant yeast infection, latex allergy and quite a few others.


Those with high bifidobacteria seem to sidestep lactase problems. There have been a number of studies that have shown that with certain protocols they have been able to alleviate symptoms of lactose intolerance. As we age the populations of bifidobacteria decline with age. However, we can grow them back very successfully. HMO in small amounts and add in phenol powder, increase the amounts over a couple of weeks slowly as he bloating and gas decreases. Then add in very small amounts of organic diary and scale over a period of weeks. This protocol worked for a relative on mind.

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Just to clarify, by “lactose intolerance” do you mean the normal cessation of lactase production after weaning that is the human norm (apart from those two mutations that permit the synthesis of lactase to continue into adulthood), or are you thinking of sensitivity to one or more of the proteins in cow’s milk?

If the former, taking lactase along with the lactose-containing dairy should do the trick. And of course, people on a ketogenic diet are going to be eating dairy with as little sugar content as they can, anyway. If you mean the latter, then I had no idea that bacteria could digest those proteins before we react to them. That is good news.


you are trying to make food fit you when it does not.

back to simple ZC basics on ALL the foods that you thrive on and drop the extras you are trying to add back.

Simple solution…back to hardcore ZC you did best on only. Let the body heal again. Drink big water intake definitely to help the kidney function and key to it all, ya tried, ya got nailed, now go backward to the best eating for you…wait a bit, and maybe try only 1 thing back. Add in egg yolks only. Dump the whites. Once ya feel better, try say steak and eggs. One meal. steak and scramble up like 3-4 egg yolks and eat that meal…then wait :slight_smile: See and feel your reaction to this. I would dump that keifer stuff in a heartbeat and not look back ever wanting that into my zc menu. But some do well on it but for me you are trying to make it ‘fit’ somehow when it seems thru the yrs before you sure didn’t need it.

You have sleep issues or ? you mentioned and you are trying to ‘fix’ that with zc food now? not sure kinda what triggered adding in eggs and kiefer at this point?

key being you cleaned up the body on your yrs of zc now, so you added in and got bad results. Now is back to basic zc for you.

best of luck moving forward. As we try to ‘add’ we can get screwed big time so I would take this as a sign to back to basics right now.


Best advice I’ve had so far! Cheers legend!
I’ve cut it right back and already starting to feel better. Lesson learnt! :pray:

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I used to have very low urine PH and after correcting it numerous minor health issues that I did not think were related to it improved such as tendencies to excess water retention and episodic constipation. My fix was making a salt mix with citrates and am currently using 3 parts potassium citrate, 2 parts magnesium citrate and 1 part calcium citrate with 6 parts redmond salt. I use 2 to 3 teaspoons of this daily in place of salt although I still use straight salt for roasting and other high temp dry cooking where citrates will scorch. It’s likely some of the benefits I’ve experienced are due to getting more minerals and not just correcting PH as we have reverse osmosis water which is depleted of minerals. Anyway if you are just going to use potassium citrate I think 1 to 2 teaspoons daily would be a good range to target and ought to be easily accomplished by mixing it with your salt in roughly a ratio of 1 part potassium citrate to 2 parts salt. I got a digital PH meter for about $25 which has worked fine for both gardening and testing my urine which I corrected from around 4.5 to 6.5 using the citrates.


Amazing! Thank you so much for your insight! :pray:


Very good! I hope those ailments all start to fade for ya and if you are getting better already, sounds like you are on that right path for you!


Cheers man!