About those "healthy" fats from nuts and avocadoes

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Should be good enough for nearly anyone after the initial rush. As you’re down 100 (congrats!), “good enough for you” should be a model for the community.

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Have you tried eating unsalted nuts? We have a big bag of unsalted pecans and it’s pretty easy to be satisfied with just one 28 gram serving. Something about the salt on nuts can make people over consume them. I do keep a 28 gram baggie of macadamias in my purse so in case I am out running errands and I get hungry I have something to eat and don’t have to purchase anything. I used to have a problem with over eating nuts a few years back but I don’t any longer. I am not sure what changed other than just measuring them out, and deciding if I FELT LIKE I wanted more what I really wanted was a big glass of water. I think the mind is very powerful and what we tell ourselves can make a huge difference. So even if I really wanted more nuts, I have convinced myself my body is actually asking for water and that seems to take care of it.

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I only eat unsalted nuts for that very reason, but I’m still a nut monster. It’s ok, since getting rid of them I’ve realized they aren’t the best for me anyhow. They lead to inflammation which in me leads to abdominal pain. I miss them but am better off without them.

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Interesting! I don’t have an issue with them at all. But it just goes to show how each of us is very different. Things that work for others don’t work for me and vise versa. I think that’s why it’s so critical to be open minded to other people’s experiences even if thy don’t reflect our own.

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I used to snack on salted roasted almonds a lot (pre-keto) - which by the way contained a lot of added vegetable oil.

I switched over to raw, unsalted nuts - almonds, pecans, and walnuts only. Only in the first few weeks did I need to keep them on hand for snacking. Now I eat them rarely, mostly as an addition to other foods or parts of recipes. I find that I have restocked walnuts and pecans a few times over the months but I almost never touch the almonds.

I think I have eaten maybe 4 avocados in 4 months, and probably let twice that many go bad sitting in the fridge waiting on me to want to eat one.

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Bob –

There certainly is a difference in PUFAs, but there is something to be said for the omega 6:3 ratios.

The higher PUFA diet actually has a much better profile when considering the ratio – and from plugging the individual foods into my Cronometer, it appears that walnuts are the most balanced 6:3 from the first group.

From the second group, the meats and choc all have great 6:3 ratios except for the beef heart, which was surprisingly awful.

I’m not well informed as to how the PUFAs effect insulin resistance, but I do know that a 6:3 ratio that is 4:1 and preferably 1:1 can have a major effect on reducing inflammation, hence helping reduce cardiovascular, some cancer, autoimmune and other disease risk.

Here’s a link to some addl info and studies.


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And in the continuing context of the omega 6:3 ratio, came across this:

“These two classes of PUFA should be distinguished because they are metabolically and functionally distinct and have opposing physiological functions; their balance is important for homeostasis and normal development.”

From: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10901194

I know this is just one point of many that could be made on this topic, but is certainly a jumping off point for better understanding fats.

One reason I’m intrigued by the omega 3:6 has to do with inflammation, as my cardiologist told me that one of the toughest things to control is just that.

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Thanks for the link. Drop 6 - raise 3.

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If you’re not suffering for your art, is it even art?

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Nuts are one of the foods many people have allergies to, maybe you’re lacking some enzyme that’s needed to properly digest them much like some people go through with legumes. Good that you’re listening to your body. I have never run into so many people as I have on this forum with food sensitivities, so many people have problems with vegetable fibers and such.

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I’m sensitive to too much fibre myself. I’m also sensitive to dairy. Although I have to say, having to give up the latter has turned out to be a boon. It’s completely restarted me losing fat again. I had thought I’d plateaued at a reasonable maintenance weight and was satisfied, but now I’m losing fast again without even trying.