Ability To Mute A Member?

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So what does this mean, exactly?

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@PaulL Ack confrontation makes me super anxious :open_mouth:
I was truly asking and truly baffled, not complaining so much as wishing to understand the why of it as I’ve not encountered it prior to now.

You did give me a link and I did look around there but there’s so much info it was hard to find the reasoning itself so figured some wise heads here would be able to explain.

As a longtime Linux user I am def grateful to and well aware of the labors of any devs who provide free awesome “stuff” and in no way am blaming whomever runs the forum; that you inferred as much from my posts honestly amazes me. Apologies to the admins as no aspersion was meant to be cast upon them. At all.

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We have repeatedly tried to direct complaints to the place where they might do some good. Discussing the matter here is pointless. When we can do so, we are more than happy to shape the forums in whatever way works best for the members. To keep harping on matters we cannot change is simply not helpful.

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@PaulL I gotcha on that aspect. I only posted about it more than once in REPLY TO those who replied to my initial query; I wasn’t trying to belabor the point (and actually said as much) itself or badger. I hate that it came across that way.

Had no one replied I surely wouldn’t have made multiple posts about it.
I swear I just wanted someone to explain the thinking behind it, not CHANGE it as I figured that was futile or it’d already have been implemented. Seemed quicker way to get an explanation than digging round the other site.


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It does lead to some conversations seemingly not making sense as they don’t flow when someone is blocked, but it is still a feature I would like to have also.


No worries. You took an unknown diversion into a minefield is all. :bomb:

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Personally if I don’t like a post or poster I just gloss over it! Free speech, democracy and all that!
Ketoers are marginalized enough, lets be accepting. No one agrees with everyone, but if one only listens to people one agrees with how will one learn?!

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@CrackerJax my wish to avoid certain posters/posts isn’t based upon agreeing with them or not. The reason(s) one may wish to not see someone’s posts are irrelevant, really and may be myriad.
Placing someone on ignore doesn’t cause them to be further marginalized; just keeps them out of the view of whomever wishes not to “see” them. It most definitely does not impinge upon their free speech.