Ability To Mute A Member?

(Sophie) #1

Can we please add this function? Sometimes we just rub each other the wrong way and muting a single thread is not enough. Or all the threads someone posts in can be irritating. Thanks.

(Sophie) #2

Oh wait, I’ve found it!

It’s under your account/notifications/muted/users!

You should be able to plug in a name there

(TJ Borden) #3

It me isn’t it… I get that a lot. Work, home, now here…

(Allie) #4

I found that before but got the impression it just blocks any notifications from them? Please let me know how it works for you as there are a couple whose posts I’d rather avoid if it can be done.

(Sophie) #5

Did you post something? :thinking: :rofl::laughing:

(Sophie) #6

I haven’t tried it. But wouldn’t it be handy to pull up the members info and have a nice little mute button right there instead of having to dig around or just ditch the entire thread?

eta: @richard

(Allie) #7

Yes it would definitely be helpful as I tend to avoid topics after certain people have commented just because I find their writing style too confrontational.

(Rob) #8

@Shortstuff is right. It only blocks notifications and not posts.

I’ve used it for weeks but it isn’t really that useful as it stands.

(TJ Borden) #9

Testing…testing… can you still see me?

(TJ Borden) #10

…damn, it worked


Aww - I see you!!

(Rob) #12

New phone… who dis?

(Jay AM) #13

This about killed me.


I agree - something more than just muting notifications, more like blocking. Not sure if that’s an expensive feature to add, or if the Discourse design left it out?

(Bill C) #15

I checked with Richard and he said you are unable to block anyone. Wouldn’t that be nice?

(TJ Borden) #16

Well finally, we agree on somethhing. :wink: I knew we’d be friends eventually.

(Sophie) #17

There’s Gotta Be A Way!!!


Codependent much? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Candy Lind) #19

I don’t necessarily want to block anyone (I’m a Libra, after all), but I kinda wish I could blur someone. LOL
Maybe @rustyk61 and his jalapeños would still be around if we had one of these capabilities. :cry:

(Sophie) #20

OMG, I had no idea what happened to him, and I’ve certainly felt his loss. Especially every time I see one of @hedleylo’s posts on the What did you Keto today thread. Talk about a match made in heaven…kindred spirits for reals. It makes me sad that he took offense and left us. :cry: