A1C tester

(Frank) #21

It figures that it takes patients…lol
I have none.
But I’ll do my best.

(Frank) #22

I sure hope the one I just bought is close…
I need to look for the two that I lost…
Then do a comparison.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #23

Yes, but if it’s fat, then the insulin release is small. If it is protein, then the insulin release is larger, but is also matched by an increase in glucagon. The net effect is that the insulin/glucagon ratio stays low and we stay in ketosis. We talk mostly about insulin, but it’s really the insulin/glucagon ratio that makes the difference.

Insulin is essential, if we are to benefit from our food (Type I diabetics used to starve to death before insulin was discovered). It’s just that too high a level over too long a time-period causes systemic damage, which is why we control carbohydrate, in order to let it drop, and let our bodies heal.

(Frank) #24

I just ate five scrambled eegs with onion, mushrooms, and asparagus.
Two egglife wraps with Swiss cheese and ham…
I’m low on carbs but far too much protein…
Maybe that’s where I’m blowing it.
Thats the only meal of the day for me.

I was very active in the yard for about 6 hours.
I just fight the pain.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #25

Don’t worry about the protein, unless you are eating it with carbohydrate. This video explains it better than I can:

(Frank) #26

Thanks Paul…
I’ll give it a watch…

(Frank) #27

103 this morning…
I must be doing something wrong.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #28

What range do your readings normally fall in? How much higher is 103 than the levels when you test at other times?

(Frank) #29

normally it was 110-110 in the past.
I was hoping this diet change would help.
I guess all good things come with time…

(Jane) #30

How long have you been eating keto?

eta: nevermind - just saw your first post, so I assume 10 days? You are just getting started and need to be more patient. Keto will reverse your diabetes but it does not happen overnight.

(Frank) #31

Thank God.
I was hoping so.
I checked it at 0300 and it was 136.
I then checked at 1400 and it was 103.
I ate at 1745 and will check at 1945.

It really concerns me that at 0300 it was 136.
Oh well.
I will try and buy some patients…

(Frank) #32

101 today

Oh well

(Doug) #33

We can be like supertankers, lots of momentum, we don’t ‘turn on a dime,’ and we didn’t get metabolically messed-up overnight. Under 110 is good - you’re not killing off the insulin-producing beta cells in your pancreas faster than they can be replaced. You’re getting better, metabolically, rather than worse.

(Frank) #34

Thank God…
Believe me, the motivational truth helps.
I was getting bummed out with no weight loss and still in the 100s for BGL…

(Frank) #35

100-110 in the Past…
Not 110-110

(Frank) #36

Holding steady at 90-94 before meals and 90-94 2 hours after meals.
It peaks at 130ish after meals.
Thank God…