A1C after 4 months keto


Well my Doctor didn’t want to get my opes up on my latest A1C since 4 months ago it was 6.3…at the VERY high end of prediabetes. But I just got my latest and it was 5.6. She is pretty confident it will actually be lower in a few months. Hmm, guess I will have some more steak than you very much!

(Paul H) #2

Good job! 9.5 to 6.9 in 3 months for a true T2D. Head it off at the pass and be healthy forever!

(April Harkness) #3

Good job. I also brought my A1c almost a year ago from 10.4 to 5.6!

(Kay Lynn) #4

Congratulations! My came down slower but went from 6.1 to 5.9 after six months and then just got it retested after one year Keto and was thrilled to see 5.5. Keto works!


Congratulations! Keto definitely works. I went from A1c Of 12.7 to 5.4 in three months! Love this WOE.

(Jason ) #6

Thanks for sharing your numbers, everyone, it is very inspiring. I just talked to my PCP regarding blood tests, which didn’t initially include the fractionation of lipids and the A1C. I asked him if he would consider, and he agreed to both no problem! I will then have my baseline that I can compare to in a few months time!


Wowser. That’s impressive


Thank you. I was so determined after my shock diagnosis I threw all that anger at beating this. No meds either but I have been very very strict with carbs.

(Eric - NSV count!) #9

This is great news. I have a new cardiologist and he is getting extensive testing for me in October. Fasting insulin, Inflammation marker, lipid particle size and about 10 other tests. This will be at about 18 months keto.

I’m hoping yours comes out okay and then the next set are even better.