A decision was made at 9:30 am at Costco Austin Texas today


(jcshrunked) #1

Made me smile this mornin’

Be safe everyone! God Bless!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

I wonder if some keto person put the book there to make people think for a brief second before buying the candy, or someone was going to try KETO, saw the candy and said “F%*k It” I want chocolate! :joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

(Bob M) #3

Looks good. What’s in the dark chocolate nuggets?

(Jane Srygley) #4

Well someone evidently decided against keto so didn’t care :rofl:

(jcshrunked) #5

Probably 2nd scenario. Too early to think straight. :joy:

(jcshrunked) #6

I scanned very briefly as I was just passing by and amused at this book being left over this chocolate pile. I just remember seing 12 grams of carbs.

(jcshrunked) #7

Made me chuckle at the possibilities of what was going on in this person’s mind. Whether he/she is long time Keto or just beginning. Nonetheless, i felt him/her pain :joy:

(Full Metal KETO AF) #8

If you zoom in the label you can see sugar which may be just a sub ingredient in the chocolate but it looks like it’s second on the list. Later comes coconut! Most dark chocolate isn’t really KETO and is maybe 70% cocoa. :cowboy_hat_face:

(jcshrunked) #9

(jcshrunked) #10

(Jane Srygley) #11

Oh yeah… I may or may not have had office pizza this week… :roll_eyes:

(Bob M) #12

I guess that’s good for celiacs, but not so great for low carb.

Makes me wonder, though, if I could make a lower carb version myself for my kids? I’m not a fan of nuts/seeds, so I’d have to figure that out. Some amount might be OK.

(Jane Srygley) #13

I used to make something I called “keto cups” with unsweetened baking chocolate, pea protein powder and some assortment of coconut, cashews, macadamias and/or hemp seed. I used erythritol to sweeten them. They were really good. So good that I don’t make them anymore because oh my lord I’m such a sweet freak and was eating a LOT of them… :roll_eyes:

(Jane) #14

9 net for 1 oz… wonder how much each nugget weighs…

(ReynaHamilton) #15

I can totally relate! Those unexpected moments of humor, even in the simplest of places like Costco, can brighten your day. It’s those small, delightful surprises that remind us to keep a smile on our faces. I also like to make random decisions using coin flip online, and it turns out to be so fun sometimes. Thanks for sharing, and here’s to a day filled with more unexpected joy!