A bit ridiculous: eating red meat vs masculine insecurity

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I am not a carnivore, and I will never be, but this seems a bit too ridiculous.

(Allie) #2

They don’t refer to that comic as “The Daily Fail” without reason… :rofl:

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Macho macho man!



even when ya wanna just have a bagged lunch :slight_smile:

(Rebecca ) #5

Well, I’m a 60 year old woman and I love a good Rib Eye steak!
Maybe it is an instinctual thing, that men used to hunt and provide meat for their families…who knows!

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edit: deleted since I think I missed an important exception in section 7


I have such a great response… but the sensitive types might kill themselves so… :rofl:


Is pork considered red meat? It’s pretty white/pink though… Oh well.

Oh insecure men do silly things but why would we care about that?

Proper men, women and folks outside of gender binary (I consider myself an androgyne but I am fine if people think I am a women or a men or whatever. well I am not neutral or multi so not that if possible, please) don’t care much, they eat whatever they consider best considering the circumstances (or something not too far from it. it must be super rare to eat the best possible option all the time, I surely am far from it but my goal is to be better at it)…

I like pork. I eat pork. Okay, I was a vegetarian but I still ate whatever I liked and didn’t what I didn’t. But I am biologically female. My male SO eats whatever we have (and as I am the way bigger meat eater, I make most of those decisions) but he loves lean meat and eats more fowl. And couldn’t care less about masculinity.

How silly. Some men may eat steak due to insecurity but as far as I know, steaks are good (I don’t think I ever ate steak or I forgot already. maybe in 2022? I start to get very curious!) and obviously many people eat red meat because they like it. I hope most people do that but maybe not, maybe they have some other reasons. I eat pork as it makes my woe the cheapest (and I love pork and my body works so well with it, I am lucky). It would be impossible for me to eat below $3 on a good - not what I usually do - day (I use HUF here in Hungary but whatever) using anything else I guess… I found a very good sale now, I usually spend more money on my food but not much more. Sorry but I am so glad, I run out of pork for days and it wasn’t so great… I didn’t want pork for a little while but I still need it.

But to SOME extent, it’s quite normal that we follow certain things. I prefer doing masculine things myself as long as I don’t prefer the alternative… I like to go against stereotypes but I truly am not a stereotypical one… But it’s fun going against them if I don’t care either way…

And it’s probably somewhat satisfying to order a 600g/21oz steak in a steakhouse with eggs on the side, no matter our gender and insecurities… I plan to do that one day, it sounds nice :slight_smile: Maybe I will even get satiated with it, red meat is good at that!

(Edith) #10

Years ago in the U.S., pork was advertised as “the new white meat,” because they were promoting the very low fat portions of the pig.