5th month of weight-training, no soreness

(Denise) #21

I may have waited til my later years to start weight-training but I know to watch, listen and learn. I’ve got to get a handle on stretching though, and I notice a lot of people warming up on a treadmill etc., but I can’t stand that stuff, but maybe just a few minutes would be good before I hit the weights.

Anyone remember in the movie Elf where he gets on the escalator? That’s my fave part, and he gets a nice stretch :rofl:

(Allie) #22

I don’t stretch before training at all, never have, it’s no needed. Mobility is good and everyone would benefit from doing regular mobility work. Currently I do yoga sometimes after lifting and on my days off too, that’ll do as stretching for me. I also do just 10 mins of some sort of cardio to warm up.

(Denise) #23

I never feel bad from not stretching, but I think I mentioned all the stretching I do just around the house :wink: just day to do day stuff. It’s hard for me to sit still, and would never be the type to have “remote” everything in my home :sweat_smile: The older I get, the more important it is for me to keep moving, I feel lousy if I veg out in my chair for too long, or lay in bed in the a.m.

I’ll just stick with what I’m doing, and it seems like I find something new each time I’m at the gym. Thanks much Allie :slight_smile: Today I’m trying to find some air-buds, or some way to listen to my tunes at the gym :wink:

(Laurie) #24

Yes, maintaining control and going extra slow on the “easy” part of the exercise (e.g., going down into a squat) is great. You do get extra benefits from that.