5am and I have been crying for an hour

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Have you any idea what your level of insulin-resistance is? It is possible that you are still eating enough carbohydrate to get your insulin high enough to trap fatty acids in your fat tissue. If you are highly insulin-resistant, that could still be a small amount of carbohydrate. Of course, low insulin is the prerequisite, but it’s not the only factor involved.

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Hi Liz, I get how frustrating and upsetting it is. Lots of good advice here. Try eating as clean as you can - just good fatty meats and very low carb veg and remove all extras, even if they are “keto”. Then give your body some time. At least a month before you weigh again.

Don’t fall into the trap of undereating. I’m concerned you have no idea how many calories you are eating, and how many grams of carbs. Make sure you are getting enough, but more importantly in my opinion is make sure those calories are coming from very clean foods. I.e. foods with one ingredient. Use all the energy going into being upset and frustrated to keep you on a clean eating plan for a while, to see if that helps kick start the weight loss again.

How far from your ideal weight are you? The closer you get the slower it gets.

Also, as said here, where your body is at hormonally, plus stress/upset, can have a big effect on weight loss.


You weight cooked food cooked, you still know. Calories are listed as raw on labels because nobody knows how much you’ll cook it.

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Many ranch dressings have a considerable amount of sugar. If the label has low carbs or no carbs then you can be satisfied that it is keto. However, I believe if you make your own dressing with MCT oil - a vinagrette - I believe you will find it to be more ketogenic.

Don’t get too discouraged. My wife is in your shoes. She lost about 50 pounds and then stalled. She has been trying to do vegan keto, and I felt she wasn’t eating enough calories. Why is that important? Because if you lower your calories, the body will adjust its metabolism down after 3-5 months so that it gets back into equalibrium. Indeed, I believe that is why the low calorie diets don’t work. What you want to do on keto is to replace carb calories with fat calories. This will encourage the body to burn the fats while not storing any.

The other thing to do is to do things to increase your basal metabolic rate.

  1. Ketones act as a signaling molecule to the mitochondria in fat cells, which tends to cause them to multiply so they don’t damage themselves. It also encourages them to “uncouple” - a process which makes them burn more fat and release heat. So, even if you are low in ketones, you can increase them quickly by consuming MCT fats. I use goat yogurt and coconut oil and milk to provide MCTs every day.
  2. Other things will encourage the mitochondria to uncouple. Like consuming ALA omega 3s in flax or chia seed.
  3. Go for a cool swim or walk in the cold without a jacket, etc. Cold exposure will encourage the formation of more brown fat. Brown fat is very metabolically active, and burns lots of fats ie triglycerides.
  4. muscle is very metabolically costly, and will cause the body to burn more calories. Resistance training is about the only thing which will cause the body to put on muscle.


Hi Liz. You are doing fine.

It may be time to find a different health measure than body weight on scales. Especially at 4am. Those numbers are an addiction that needs some work in the scenario you present.

What is your physical activity like? If you have become more active in the past two years, then you will gain muscle. That’s a good thing.

It is important to maintain good nutrition and feed your body properly to continue to lose w-… excess body fat.

It is important to maintain good nutrition and feed your body properly to continue to lose w-… excess body fat.

It is important to maintain good nutrition and feed your body properly to continue to lose w-… excess body fat.

If you are physically able, and you have the keto diet that you like in terms of foods and satiety, you could embark on a path of getting physically stronger. If you want to. Pursue an activity that you enjoy. Stepping on and off body weight scales, for example, is obviously not creating joy in your life. Give the body weight scales to the neighbour who has the noisy gardening tools on a weekend morning. They deserve them.

You will find as a side effect of discovering body strength, getting good sleep, finding nourishing relationships with people, and helping others in the community that the once desired body weight loss will happen as a side effect. Then, when you go for a doctor’s visit to track some bio-markers, or look at blood tests, step on the scales and see that it is not actually of very high importance. I think.

Best wishes. You are doing well. Great improvements in health and understanding about your n=1 nutrition.

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Hi Liz I have been following your thread and the good advice you’re getting from the good people on here.

When I started Keto I tracked everything, purely because I am a trackersort of person, and i used Cronometer which I found incredibly easy for a non tech person. I couldn’t even get started on fitnesspal. Maybe you would like to give that a go. It was very easy to track the macros.

6 months after starting keto I transitioned to carnivore zc which I am still doing 2 years on. I stopped tracking on ZC and wow how liberating was that!

I didn’t start keto for weight loss, more for health benefits and initially lost about 7kg. I got a bit drawn into eating fat bombs, I am an all or nothing gal, and I had to completely stop making them as they increased my cravings like crazy and I put some weight on. Well I have always been pretty disciplined and as soon as I noticed I did something about it before it was too late and thats when I transitioned to ZC. No cravings since, and no weight gain, in fat I have lost some but I just accep that my weight will be where my body needs it to be and don’t worry about it.

Not weighed myself in years, I chucked the scales out when my daughter left home as they started gathering dust in the bathroom cupboard. As I am a recovered yo yo dieter and heavyweight those scale made my life a misery. As others have said it is so much better to judge yourself by how your clothes fit. Try to let go of all the things that bring you misery and let joy back into your life and I am sure you will find yourself in so much of a better place. Xxx big hugs coming your way xx

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Yeah, it’s not muscle that we want to be losing. Using “weight” as a euphemism for “fat” confuses our thinking. We want to lose excess stored fat, and that can happen even while we add muscle mass at the same time. Confuses the heck out of the scale, of course, which is why it’s a bad idea to be too focused on that number.

I lost four inches (10 cm) off my waist with my initial weight loss, by which I figure that those 80 lbs./36 kg were mostly, if not all, fat. Over the next twelve months, my scale weight remained stable, but I continued to lose a further 5 cm (2 in.) off my waist, so clearly I was gaining enough muscle at that point to offset the fat I was losing and thus to keep the scale number unchanged.

So @liz_santiago, here’s the question I forgot to ask earlier: what is your waistline doing? Are you still shedding inches/centimetres, even though the scale isn’t showing a lower number? If so, then you are actually doing quite well.


Tracking may give us information but it isn’t necessarily needed. I had to know what works for me as I only have a slim chance to lose fat if I do basically everything quite right, some others just do keto and success and most people are probably in between and information gotten from tracking (and experimenting) may or may not help much.
I ONLY can track when I cook myself as I only have the infos then… But as I mostly eat pork (no macro information), I never know how much I eat (I often can guess vaguely but that’s it, I still may be off by 50g fat or something)… I just stopped tracking again, I already figured out what satiates me most anyway so if I eat accordingly, it should be fine… Eventually.
So if you just know what items are best for you and what timing, you can use this information. But at least for 1-2 typical days it may be useful to see your macros, maybe they are quite off. Some of us automatically eat enough but not nearly everyone, keto is tricky and some people are “strong” and won’t eat properly when their body demands it.

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How is your protein intake looking?

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Hi Liz :grinning: I’m new to this forum, but an old pro with weight loss. I have lost the same 50/60 pounds 3 different times since a senior in highschool and I’m now 62. l can tell u the things that work for me. 1. Strict Keto worked , staying around 15 gross carbs
and approximately 1200 - 1500 calories. For some reason unlimited food calories and very low carb does not work for me as far as weight loss. 2. Pure Carnivore, unlimited meats , seafood and butter, nothing else. Weight quickly melted and I felt fantastic. I ate meat and seafood freely. This worked best for me. I’ve now added in onions and sometimes a few spears of asparagus without too much affect but intend to gives those up once again. Really feel super great as a Pure Carnivore. Liz, I’m sending good thoughts your way! You can do this!

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Thank you all for your help! I started fasting Wednesday and today I weight and this week that I have been trying harder, I went up 4 pounds. So from last Sunday that I was 210 to today I am 214 pound. I don’t know if to cry, to go see a psychic or just laugh at how the universe has something against me. I have checked my ketones and they have been .5 to .7, I have checked my glucose, I started to eat 4 oz of salmon as my protein, salad, cauliflower or broccoli. So, I don’t know what else to try.

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well for the past 3 days it has been salmon 4oz or chicken

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I have no idea about my waistline, I do not take my measurements.

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What we usually advise is for people to notice whether their clothes are getting tighter or looser. For example, even after my main fat loss, my body continued to lose fat (while putting on enough muscle to keep my weight stable), so I started being able to wear trousers that had been too tight to pull up over my butt twelve months earlier.


read this:

NOW THIS is referencing a zc lifestyle BUT read about the diff. in people. ‘read this with your eating plan in mind ya know’…the Sally and John concepts. You are a ‘sally’ in that you are changing yourself, already done the work and don’t know how to reset and ‘a sally’ after all that work might have to gain some lbs in order to lose lbs later…think always back to whole food basics on Keto plan, then eat that and never go hungry even if ya gain a few lbs, cause in the end, that gain is happening cause your body IS NOW re-aligning your hormones again, changing up the toxins it wants to dump, making new cells and making old cells shed and more…so what happens interally as we heal/repair and re-balance hormones WILL never show on the scale, if fact it can easily show gains.

throw out the scale. Eat clean back to basics Keto plan but eat well and sooner than later you will find your entire mental/physical being changed…just litsten to the body when in doubt. :slight_smile: now that is me, what I had to do for how to move forward thru the crazy…eat simple, clean, pure and eat tons, and throw out the scale and think all positive moving forward for sure. You got this I think!!

Giving faith and time to change on any eating plan along with firm commitement to staying on plan is the key to it all…time being that darn hardest to handle in a way, well I found that :wink: but if we do…we win it all

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Well, the thing is that I have refused to buy clothes so I am still using old clothes that I had and they are big already.

This is what I have eaten since Wednesday and I gained 4 pounds, 2 when I originally posted this thread and 2 more today. The order of lunch is wrong because I ate all that is in lunch with the dinner.


I SO GET THIS but time to hit the store and buy a few items THAT FIT YOU WELL right now…then ya see the changes that hit while in bigger stuff, you are shoring up with a belt or whatever, you never truly notice those changes.

I am your time in holding onto clothing thru ‘whatever reasons’ but in the end ------ even our clothing must move forward with us. If we hold all pasts…ALL pasts like clothes, or not riding a rollercoaster cause we ‘don’t fit in a seat well’ or we feel we are ‘less than bigger’ in having a more foward approach in life, we lose truly.

even if you buy a size down and it is one of those ‘bit tad tighter’ items, that is your ‘instead of the scale’ and see when I fit in it comfortably clothing items. They show realness vs the scale never will.

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I would loooooove to buy new stuff but I have lost so much clothing that I am afraid of wasting more money. I am a teacher so my salary does not allow me the luxury.


I feel you but ‘damn ya deserve!!!’ a few new things.

not much. a pair of slacks and a smaller top. Hey I shop Goodwill in my area and hit a fab guy’s long sleeve red polo shirt that I sleep in, hey $4.

Yes I am a frugal type LOL

believe me Liz all the excuses you give yourself are negative cause I been there done that, now go on the positive and GET A SMALL win for you, after all ya lost lbs…celebrate ALL that good and not focus on ‘how bad ya become’ cause you HAVE NOT become bad ya know but we do that to ourselves.

positive self esteem and pat on back and a new shirt and new slacks…believe me it means alot to ourselves to give into ourselves a tiny bit.

hey my daughter is going to college next year for teacher career :slight_smile: either history or science and wants only high school kids. she isn’t sure which but she is all in, she wants that path…super cool

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I guess one shirt and pants won’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have taught from kinder to 12 and right now I am high school. Tell to go science she can even do masters or doctorate and then she can have the loans forgiven.