2KetoDudes Holiday podcast

(jac060) #1

Gotta say, I loved the Holiday Hangout podcast!
We listened to it in the car, and there was a lot of LOL!!
Loved the boys, but the ladies ROCK!

(Lauren) #2

I was listening as I did my workout this morning, will listen to the rest tomorrow - the 4 of them have a great dynamic, :hat: seemed a bit quiet though :yum:

(Richard Morris) #3

I think it was morning here - I’m not a morning person :zornface:

(suzanna) #4

Ah but even us “non morning” people shine in the morning sometimes… I listened yesterday at work and kept waiting to hear you Richard… your voice makes me smile and I love your accent. You guys are awesome! I don’t think you can imagine the joy and inspiration you bring to so many. I felt like I was at a party with my friends…

(Richard Morris) #5

We all were at a party with our friends :slight_smile:


It was a great episode! I liked hearing drinks being poured. Nice effect and so festive!

(Lauren) #7

Listening to the rest now & just heard about your DEXA… that’s what I said I wanted for Christmas! Would love to see some results to see what they’re like :wink:

(jac060) #8

We are making enquiries today!

(Mark) #9

Is it weird that I want a picture of Richards dexa scan on a t-shirt ?

(beacheidi) #10

i just started listening on a 20 minute ride. I can not wait to get back in the car at 6am for a 2 hour ride to hear the rest! So glad I found the podcasts last week and began binging on them…and now know about the forums and finally understand the science of this WOE and how my body needs it. thanks for being “user friendly” in your explanations…

(Glenn Graham) #11

That was a great show! The four of you have great chemistry. I would recommend doing more of these. Especially around holiday times (Easter, 4 July, Holloween). There was great info, and it is great to hear you guys talk about your struggles (mostly convincing others about the diet) and your victories (mostly with your health and those you have convinced to change).

Thanks and have a great holiday!

(Jennie) #12

It really WAS a great episode! It’s so great listening to everyone talk since there’s no in person support where I am.
They’re nailing it! :smile:
I get more excited for new podcasts than I do for the new Sherlock episodes or the new Jim Gaffigan Netfilx special.
PS. @kimhowerton, I love that you put words to the brain space keto has opened up. I can’t remember the way you put it, but I was just thinking this.


I loved @Brenda’s story about getting her blood pressure and getting to show off her biceps.

(AnnaLeeThal) #14

@Brenda welcome to the gun show!

(Connor L) #15

Loved it! Especially loved the ladies’ contributions. Have them on more. :wink: I loved the idea of having a recurring segment of the KetoChicks (KetoGirls? idk…) to address female-specific issues.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #16

Ahem. Keto Ladies.

(Michael Iafrato ) #17

I also enjoyed the Christmas Show. I’m starting to binge the back episodes and am up to Number 5. Not sure if Paul Thurrott made it over to the forums but I’m so thankful he mentioned y’all on Windows Weekly.

Side note I usually hate forums but I love the community here.

(Richard Morris) #18

That was me and I actually was drinking a beer.

(Richard Morris) #19

Kinda … but I went to a dinner last monday where @becsta was wearing a 2KD shirt with my face on it … that was strange :slight_smile:

(Mark) #20

Well I know you’re not in the States but I will wish you a happy national Bacon day anyway we’ll let you celebrate since you lived here before,and also will wish you a happy and healthy 2017,and thanks for deciding to give back in such a generous way by sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us ,you have impacted my life in a very positive way and I wanted to share my gratitude with you on this glorious BACON DAY!!!