23 trillion calories per day mostly processed foods


7 billion people require about 23 trillion calories per day. This puts an interesting perspective on fasting and appetite control that comes with a low carb healthy fats nutritional ketosis.

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“Everything we’re doing at Sapien and Nose to Tail is created by us and for the specific purpose of getting humans healthier.“

Now that’s almost Biblical?

”Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” - Hebrews 11:1

What about unprocessed plant foods?


They are good as well… with a bit of “processing”/ pre-digestion.

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I don’t know @FrankoBear, No disrespect intended, but while the graph triggers interest, it triggers more questions along the lines of “WTF??”. But not enough curiosity to watch or listen to a 90 minute talk.

It’s an impressive looking plot, but I sure would like some numbers with it. 23 Trillion calories works out to be 3300 per person for 7 billion people. That could be some sort of statistical sleight of hand, but it’s way too much for my 4’10" wife and about 25 or 30% too much for me at 6’ even. Too low for construction workers and way too low for professional athletes. From things I’ve read, I think portions of the world get by on quite a bit less than that.

Then I start asking what those terms mean; what’s the dividing line between whole foods and processed foods? Most of us will think about seed oils, but that’s an extreme case. What about fermented or cultured? Not just sauerkraut or kimchi, but cheeses and wine.

What makes it worth listening to/watching?


My view is that whole foods can be consumed raw but it’s better to cook them at low temperatures to improve nutrient acquisition. Processed(junk) foods always require cooking and lack antioxidants compounds which prevent the production of advanced glycation end products in the body.


The chart is somewhat misleading because the countries with the highest populations have the highest rice consumption.

Seed oils and a lot of junk foods lower fertility rates.

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I like that except that you added a word

We all have that tendency to think of it that way, but without knowing what the author had in mind we might not be right.

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I can read that plot as “without our industrially processed foods, millions would die, but even that is coming to an end.” For all I know, that’s what the authors want to get across.


I guess thanks to coronavirus.


Because the presenter and guest answer most of the questions you just asked in your post.