12 Low Carb Diets Compared - chart image

(Ron) #21

I agree but do suggest organic for this reason.

(Alec) #22

Is the Zero Carb rule really greater than 20g net carbs?? Seems very odd??

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #23

Because a lot of what we know about soybeans today was unknown when Dr. Atkins formulated his diet.

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #24

I suspect that whoever drew up the chart meant to type “<20” and made a mistake. Notice that the keto column says “30g.” I also notice that the ZC column says alcohol is okay, and my understanding is that basically the only thing to drink is water. Alchol is certainly a carbohydrate. Not a particularly accurate chart, as far as I can tell.