1 month in gained approx 3 kgs

(Allie) #21

Certain fats do the same to me, pork is really bad so I have to avoid it.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #22

Most long-term carnivores don’t worry about how much they eat, they just eat. And I’ve seen recommendations to just eat three meals a day, and not to try to get fancy with time-restricted eating or fasting, especially in the beginning.

I also wouldn’t go overboard trying to get in fat, just eat fatty cuts of meat and cook with a normal amount of fat.

The digestion takes a while to adjust, but it eventually does.


I was watching a video with a carnivore woman who SOOOO regretted her food restrictions, which made for some gain and very slow loss over a whole year. When she actually ate more fat and more calories (from meat/egg sources) she started to lose weight and feel better.

(Karen) #24

Personally, I found keto just created more cravings and after an initial weight loss starting gaining as I couldn’t get off my addiction to fat balls! Started keto during first lockdown in the middle of May and then after following the carnivore threads decided to try carnivore myself. Started that in the November and now just passed my 2 year carniversary. No cravings since i started this woe, eat when I feel like it and and as much as I want. I never go hungry and just stick to zero carbs (except for what is in meat, eggs n cheese). I love this woe and can’t see me stopping now, its so simple.
I was never in it to lose weight, just for health benefits but obviously didn’t want to gain. I lost the few pounds gained within a short while after changing to carni and it has remained steady ever since. I don’t track macros which i was doing while on keto so feel a real freedom and have never sought ketosis.
Wishing you all the very best in finding what works for you xx

(Robin) #25

Yes, exactly the same for me! Such freedom in carni.