1/4 new recruits too fat US Army

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Another Alarm bell for National Security of USA regarding obesity and physical fitness.

I wonder how long it will take, before a version of low carb or keto makes it into military chow halls. Maybe there is one already, I just listened to the podcast where the Navy Seals were utilizing ketones for performance enhancement.

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Interesting, I always felt their height to weight ratio chart was crap. I’m only 5’ 9" so it said I could only weigh 170 ish if I recall correctly. I weigh 181 right now, so I would fail that out of gate.

However, when I was in military I did weigh over 180 while it was all muscle as I was lifting hard, I had to be taped to get my body fat and often got assigned to remedial physical fitness until they saw how well I did in the run, pull ups, etc.

I would hope with how serious obesity is though, that maybe as a National Security issue they would look at What the #!!%%! the Food Lobbyists have been shoving down our throats.


I went into the Marines at 5-7, 179 and left boot camp at about 150. We ate low carb all the time – meat and greens only, with water and milk, no starches at all for the “hogs” in boot camp.

But that was in 1968 before the SAD was thrust upon society. And it was during the Vietnam War and they weren’t as picky about what their recruits looked like – they knew how to take care or those weighty matters.


Thank you for your service. Maybe you can answer a question for me. Should/can we thank soldiers for their service? I’ve heard we some say yes and some say no.


If you want to pass on your personal gratitude for what they have done for you/us, thank them. If not, don’t.

I was 5ft 7" & 11st 5lb when I joined the military. Not an ounce of fat on me. Ooooooo they were the days :grin:

We had to pass a fitness test before signing up. If you failed, you weren’t even allowed to apply!!

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I’m thankful for good service aligned with my goals. Unfortunately the goals of those at the top of the command chain rarely match mine and those in service have limited freedom to pick the missions.

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Yeah, I’m afraid I can’t tell my kids to join the military today as well. I’m 100% behind defending our country, but policing the world, nation building, no I think that’s what makes people hate us more.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Eye opening.