Why Are Docs OK with Being So Wrong About Saturated Fat?

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Sorry cant find any information that clearly shows causation. I Don’t think it would be very ethical to do a real Keto studie that would give us the answers to “does Keto cause good or bad health”
Wonderfull forum with lots of opinions and wise statements, like yours.

But its not good enough for me to conclude that I cant be wrong with my current woe.

Vegetarians have wonderfull forums and an equal amount of studies that prouves they are wright and we are wrong. They are healthy and just as passionately convinced as we are.

Here is something to think about.

Vegans usually suffer health failure after 3 years.
Many suffer health failure at around 30 years on SAD
Vegetarians, 15y ?..dont know

How long does it take on a Keto diet before health failure?

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LFHC or HFLC, seems both have success, but I think what is in common may be the elimination of processed foods and sugar. Those are definitely the poisons to either way of eating.

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Well, Stefansson began eating an all-meat diet in his late twenties and lived to the age of 82, so that should give some idea.

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This is how the vegan docs help people reverse diabetes with high-starch / high-carb / ultra-low-fat diets. McDougall, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Ornish, Pritikin, Campbell, and others have all promoted variations on the same whole-food vegan or near-vegan diet. The common ground with keto is: no refined sugars or starches.

If you eat a low-fat vegan diet, you can apparently get good results with T2 diabetes. The trouble is with satiety because the diet is essentially 80-10-10 carb-fat-protein - you have to eat all the time to regulate your blood sugar, fasting is very hard, and you are hungry most of the time.

People claim keto has sustainability problems - well, try this diet for a few months and see if you find yourself craving some steak and eggs :laughing:

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If they had studied nutrition-they’d learn only what’s in the textbooks/or in their lectures. Most likely not LC! That info would follow the guidelines, sadly.


You have a point. Not overeating is important too. Some people manage to get morbidly obese on way healthier than the norm (but probably not right for the one in question) diets.
I never had a woe where I surely eat only as little as I should, bad timing can ruin things even if I choose the right food (though good food works against bad timing).
I know an example of a perfectly working health-conscious HCHF woe too. I think it only fits a small part of the population though. Well if someone has really good genes, even a sugary HCHF may work (i.e. long, healthy life. I don’t say it’s ideal for their body at all, they just don’t notice problems) like in the case of my hard-working anchestors (as far as I know. and they didn’t snack on sugar all the time as many modern people. they just had their cakes now and then).

So it’s complicated. People don’t just don’t want very low-carb, usually but they see nice examples that eating carbs may be just fine. And it isn’t for everyone and probably requires other restrictions…

N=1 says almost nothing. We just know from it that an all-meat diet doesn’t make sick everyone so meat probably has everyone one needs (it’s not 100% sure as people are wonderfully different, it matters what kind of meat and how much…).

I doubt that. Ketoers often think interesting things about satiety. People doesn’t work the same. My SO can eat a bunch of carbs (both sugar and starches) and he gets wonderfully satiated for 8 hours (he never tried low-fat for longer than 1-2 meals though). Protein doesn’t work any better for him, he just needs it for nutrition and variety. I’ve read about happy low-fat vegans (raw vegans too) and I don’t believe they all lied and made their life miserable. Some even ate very little from my viewpoint… It sounds very logical to me that a HCLF vegan woe (even the extreme 80% carb one. okay, surely some people eats 95% carbs but not with a normal energy need or else it’s very unhealthy and it shows eventually. I consider 80% carbs pretty extreme, so little fat and protein for a normal person let alone for a slim not very active gal, is it enough for them?) suits some people. And totally not others. I have no idea how tiny is the number but I love to focus on special cases and they surely exist. We should choose our own ideal woe anyway, no matter how popular and successful some woe is… We may be more hopeful if we choose something that works for more people but that’s it. (It’s probably how my mind works. I never cared much if a woe is great or sustainable for many as it says nothing about me and that woe. I tried out things and saw for myself.)