Where in the world Ketonians?


Would love to visit! I’ve been to England, Italy,Greece, and a few other areas in the Med. and the Middle East.


Wow, that’s a nice list of countries :slight_smile: Were you stationed in Aviano in Italy?


No, I was a sailor so I only made it to port cities except for short trips inland. I never got to see the really beautiful inland areas. I did get to visit Rome, Athens, and Jerusalem, though.

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Born/reared in Brooklyn, NY. Lived in 5 states total, now in IN since 2016 and ADORE IT :blue_heart: The Midwest is so underrated.

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All lovely cities, as well :slight_smile:
My next on the list “to travel” is Istanbul, but something different always comes up :joy:


Cincinnati OH
Go Bucks!


Never made it to Instanbul but I did go to Antalya.


That could also be on the list, a week of lounging and only getting up to swim, go to the bathroom and see where the waiter is :wink:


The water there was so beautiful. It would be a nice getaway.

Ah, maybe one day I’ll travel again. Hope so.


Aside from a few days in Kansas years ago on a work trip I’ve never been to the middle of the US. I’ve seen more of the world than my own country.
Hope to remedy that one day.
Glad you’ve found a place to call home. As much as I love SC I don’t plan to stay here when I retire, unless it’s to the foothills/mountains in the upstate.


I believe you will :slight_smile:

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Sacramento for me as well. Geographically speaking, I love Nor Cal. Too bad my Governor is an idiot.


Beautiful… I’m not gonna comment on the governor thing, though. :laughing:

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The CFL in my username is for Central Florida, in particular the city of Melbourne. Just about 4 miles as the crow flies from the Atlantic, and 40-ish miles south the Kennedy Space Center, so we get to watch every launch from our yard. We have yet to see SpaceX land their boosters for reuse since that’s usually far offshore. There have been a few that landed on the Cape, but all we experience of those is a sonic boom about a minute or two after the landing.

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Pittsburgh PA…soon to be relocating to Ft Wayne IN!!!


Of course!

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I took this shot from the Watt Ave. Bridge, over the American River.

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That is a beautiful picture, Chris. Your state should buy the rights for it for an advertisement for you city =).

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Are you still on this forum, Christina? I watched your videos and learned a lot about Keto when I was starting from them, and was really encouraged by them, before I found this forum. I was so excited just now when I see you are a forum member and just wanted to say thank you to you =).

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Bummer about Sunday.