What if you suddenly had to stop doing Keto?

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #1

Do you ever worry about this ? I do. I would be seriously messed up !
I see these posts like, did great for a year, then woke up and my foot fell off (or whatever the issue is) and I get worried, like what if I suddenly developed some hard core issue from Keto ?!?! That would suck SO bad ! I freaking love my Keto WOE !
I mean, what the heck would I do ? Just start eating fast food and sugar filled garbage everyday ?

And here’s the thing, I freaking KNOW from 55 years if experience, if I eat anything I want, and that anything includes carbs, I will be obese in no time ! I also know my Fibromyalgia will get a lot worse again too.
Keto has been such a blessing for me, I just can’t imagine (or don’t want to imagine) eating any other way.

Do you worry about having to stop eating Keto too ?


To stop keto would backfire within days or maybe even within hours.
This is not going to happen therefore, unless I depend on some stupid/ignorant people feeding me.
In such a case I would not want to live for much longer anyway.

(Bunny) #3

That’s when you run to Dr. Boz, she’ll set you straight in a heart beat…lol

(John) #4


There are other healthy ways of eating. The only options are not just “keto” and “fast food and sugar.” This is an irrational fear.


That made me cry out of laughter.

(Scott) #6

I too think about this. In my case I have developed some intense pain in my arms that radiates up my forearm from what I call my funny bone area. I feel it the most when I push on the bed to get up or when press on the sides of a box to pick it up. So I was thinking “could this be some deficiency or side effect of keto”? I decided that is not likely so I started wondering if it could be carpal tunnel? I also remembered years ago that I was losing arm strength to the point that it was difficult to pick up heavy can of food off the top shelf or put a jacket on. Then I went skiing out west and then developed a cold so I missed running for about three weeks. I put my jacket on and no pain, great. Next morning I went for a run and the pain returned. Turned out that because my armband that I put my phone in had weak elastic and would slip. I started locking my elbows at 90 degrees when I ran. I got a new armband and and focused on lowering my arms and the pain went away. Sorry for the long story but now I am trying to wear the new band on the other arm to see what happens next.

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If my carbs went from 10g to 100g, I’m confident my world remain securely on it’s axis. There are things about ketosis that I would miss, but keto doesn’t crack the top 10 most important things in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, keto has done a lot for me. My HbA1c is down to 5.1, my blood pressure is down to a healthy level, and the 45lbs I’ve lost has stayed off for a year. Eating keto helped me fix all of those these things. But now those problems are solved. Keto isn’t necessary anymore.

At this point, all keto is for me is a convenient way to lose a bit more weight while maintaining my RMR. I really enjoy extended fasting, and keto makes fasting easier. If it didn’t, I’d be eating 100g carbs/day rice, beans or potatoes because I like them fried, and I no longer have a metabolic reason not to.

Keto is just a metabolic tool with a tasty menu for me.

(Bob M) #8

As someone with heart failure, keto might be the best thing I do every day. The heart likes ketones.

I can’t see stopping keto.


As someone who went off keto all the time since the sudden changes I call fat adaptation, I don’t worry at all. I decided on my first week that I never will abandon keto for good. I go off, I come back soon. I don’t even understand why I wanted keto as it’s almost the same as low-carb and I never lost fat on it permanently… All my fat losing happened on low-carb. But then I tried extreme low-carb and I am motivated to stick to it. It’s horrible when I can’t due to lack of proper food. But I know what to do now.
I surely will go off but I come back. It works for me.

It’s probably very easy to go over my personal ketosis carb limit using only animal products without added carbs… But I like fruits, potatoes, grains can be tasty too… I stopped eating vegetables (going over 40g using cauliflowers were ridiculously easy years ago but I actually did high-carb days using mostly vegetables even before) but green peas are exceptional little wonders. And keto bread is somewhat carby too, it would be hard to overeat carbs (over 45g net would do for me) using only that but it can help a little.
I still can eat much carbs (like, my old 80g net) but I don’t need it. And it would be awful every day.

I am pretty sure I would maintain my current weight on any diet I am able to do, well, it’s experience…
Health and well-being is a bigger concern but as I am a somewhat health-conscious hedonist, I don’t sabotage these too much and when I have my bad moments, my body can handle it (it’s very clear when it can’t or doesn’t want to).
I can’t go back to high-carb. I can’t even go back to eating vegetables in bigger amounts. It’s over. My crazy days are better than years ago.
Oh and if I go back for a day and eat some carby stuff, it’s almost never worth it (and I usually stop extremely soon. I am “allowed” to eat it that day. No thanks). So I just stop having those days (or have them way less frequently) and eat my more tempting and rewarding normal food. I mostly have problems when I lack good options.
So if you even put carbs into my mouth and make me swallow, I bounce back soon enough. I don’t need to be afraid. Some people do, I am aware.


I really, really, realllllly hope nothing like that ever happens. This is the way I want to eat for the rest of my life.

If something did ever happen like that (and I can’t even imagine what in the world that could be) then I would retain fasting and eat once a day. I’ll still avoid all seed oils, sugar, wheat, corn etc If the higher carbs take me out of ketosis then of course I would have to reduce fat. Scary even thinking about it.

(Trudy) #11

I occasionally have fears around food security…what if I can’t access the food I need due to a natural disaster or some other issue? I can’t see any other reason for stopping this WOE.


Because humans can get into ketosis by using fasting over night, you could eat any available foods and remain in ketosis. The only thing lacking in the diet that would prevent nutritional ketosis is knowledge. KCKO.

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I worry about it in terms of what happens if there is an interruption in the food supply due to some unforeseen circumstances. All my emergency food storage supplies are carbs from when I was a carb eater so Im going to have to go back to pain in my feet and migraines and all the things that went along with not eating keto. Ive thought if that does ever happen, I might just try to fast my way through it instead.


Same here. An apocalypse situation or food shortages were the only scenarios I could think of.

(Pete A) #15

I don’t ever want to. I really dont compromise much in the day to day, so don’t feel a need to wonder… I feel blessed, not deprived.

(mole person) #16

No. There might be something wrong with someone’s specific diet that leads to their foot falling off, but these are all anecdotes. You don’t know what specifically these people are eating or what genetic/metabolic/physiological issues they may have. There is no evidence suggesting any of it has anything to do with the state of being in ketosis.

So, while some specific forms of a ketogenic diet might sicken some people this is also true of every single diet where every last bite is not prescribed.

In other words, if you have a problem (hypothetically, of course) it might be your diet but that doesn’t implicate ketogenic diets in general and thus there is no reason to give up on them. Just tweak until you find the version that keeps you healthiest.

As others here have said, any diet is ketogenic if you fast on it. So even if all you could eat were carrots and sweet potatoes you could be still be in ketosis most of the time with sufficient periods of not eating.


In November to December I went dirty Keto put raw sugar carbohydrates in diet man I got so sick I could not get out of bed I thought I have never been this sick before cleaned up diet and know I healthy again so for me I am stuck with Keto which is okay it fits me

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #18

Much thanks to all for your replies.
Its funny, I occasionally hear people talk about Keto being hard to stay on…Ha ! Im obviously on a completely different page… Or even a different book, because for me it is just the opposite ! It would be SO freaking hard for me to go back to eating carbage ! I have less than zero desire to ever do that !
…now hand me my Keto bread, and some of that Keto chocolate Mousse :slight_smile: lol


yeah … now I have to eat what I always wanted to.

As far as I can remember I never preferred sweets and I always wanted fatty stuff.
Seems as if I even have kind of a built-in “too sweet” alert as I have rejected foods because they were too sweet when they were ok for other people.

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OMG Chris, I hope it doesn’t happen before I lose all this excess weight! But if it does, Jason has us covered, so first thing I would do is to buy the book “life in the fasting lane” ( if i didn’t already have it ) since Dr Fung has become the latest and greatest darling of the plant based eaters too. Actually for all I know, he was already their darling as well? Just saw this jasonfung tweet in the twittersphere. We can just eat whatever is available and continue with the fat loss, autophagy and all the other great benefits of lower insulin. I’m not advocating plant based diet, no way, carnivorish is my woe, plant based my foe. haha.

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