What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

(Eric) #422

My dad lived there and went to school there. My wife is from Detroit area.

(Allie) #423

Just back from dog walking.

(Queen of Random) #424

Anybody there? My cat has officially banned this website! Can’t get to you peeps.

(Queen of Random) #425

She looks vicious - that was just a yawn.

("Don't reply to threads you can't be bothered reading." JUICE, 2019) #426

Sure, sure. I know how your household works.

(Queen of Random) #427

She closed all tabs. Quite the techie.

(Queen of Random) #428


(Steve) #429

Well, this was yesterday (-1C) - yes, that’s a nice heavy frost on the ground. :slight_smile:

It’s been about -3C every morning when I’ve been heading out, but around freezing when I’ve been taking my walk. Warming up today, so may not see any frost or ice for a bit.

(Queen of Random) #430

(Kitty) #431

Enjoying 71 degree’s in SoCal!

(Troy) #432

Nice :grin:
Where at in SoCal?

(ash) #433

-10c here in Michigan, I feel cold!!! Granted it is 12:15 am!

(Karen) #434

Lovely old menorah.


Santa Rosa,Ca graveyard.

(bulkbiker) #436

Beachside walk at Hove UK this morning…

Pebbles on the promenade are from a storm about 3 weeks ago that threw them there from the beach

(Jane) #437

(Eric) #438

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #439

Look out, @daddyoh, incoming! (I’m in the NC Raleigh-Durham area)

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #440

Winter weather walk with Holly

(ash) #441

Still waiting on that wagon for holly! Maybe for christmas!!!