What did you take a photo of on your walk today?


Moon & Venus over Lake Burley Griffin @ 5am

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #403

Venus has been gobsmackingly beautiful that past few weeks.

(Allie) #404

I spent my lunch break feeding these guys.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #405

My walk this morning was a strength training session.

(Doug) #406

(Karen) #407

You have an eye!

(Regina) #408

You’re in Ann Arbor?

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #409

College town in Michigan, right?

(Regina) #410

Where I got my history M.A. First time I saw snow.

(ash) #411

Very big college town! I live pretty close to Ann Arbor and I always hate driving through it as there’s never a place to park!

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #412

Too hot for a walk today, so a test shot will have to do. Hanging out for my new lightbox to arrive.

Test shots are good for showing how you REALLY need to clean the perspex…

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #413

As Magritte might say; “ce n’est pas un perroquet.”

(Karen) #414

Always enjoy your shots.

(Allie) #415

My Micah :heart_eyes:

“Where were you yesterday?! It’s been raining badly you know!! I’m HUNGRY!”

(Regina) #416

First snow on the San Bernardino mountains.


I bought my dad a tie with ‘ce n’est pas une cravate’ printed on it. People either love it or wander off dazed & confused & thinking he’s a wanker :laughing:

(Doug) #418

Yes, Regina - a new electrical substation is going in that will power the University of Michigan hospital.

(Karen) #419

Ah, Ann Arbor. My dad got his PhD there. Minerals geology. Go Wolverines. I went to third fourth and fifth grade there. John Allen school, And lived on easy street near Buhr park.

(Karen) #420

Walked around the school a ton today. My toes are cramping. Super irritating. One thought might be that I’m a bit dehydrated. Another might be that I’m low on potassium, but I take a potassium sparing diuretic as required by my nephrologist. I’ve read that magnesium doesn’t make any difference, but I take it anyway. So for my walk picture I’m just going to show you my Christmas tree.


It’s kind of weird to have flowers here in December…