What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

(bulkbiker) #342

took ages with all those ripples…

(Ellen) #343

Would have high 5’d you if that had been a container ship.


(Allie) #345

(Allie) #346

(Allie) #347


A bus stop that a homeless person with sitting at and this is what people give out to the homeless. no wonder they stay insane some of them!


Are these going to show up on the “what did you keto today?” thread later? :wink:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #350

Hopefully TeeCee’s won’t…


From my walk yesterday


I’m in the Philippines for a friend’s wedding. This may be my next country to live in!


thank god no!!!
However that doughnut with jam smooshed on it was looking pretty good :smiley_cat:


My mother worked in the Phillipines on & off for many years - she loved it :slightly_smiling_face: It certainly is beautiful.

(Allie) #355

Not a chance, they look rather toxic :joy:

(Jane) #356

Not to mention the KP would be on your ass if you posted it on the keto food thread!!!

(Allie) #357

Not actually on my walk, but as soon as I walked back in the door at home. The one on the left doesn’t live here…

(Scarlett Hyde) #358

I have bad luck with climbing trees, when I was a little younger, I climbed to the top of a tree and sort of slipped off, I fell and I think I went unconscious for a moment but I was fine (thankfully the tree wasn’t that high) and I never told my mum or dad until I spilled the beans 2 years later. The other time I fell of a tree was an intentional jump (from one of the low branches) and instead of landing like a normal human being, I landed on the side of right foot and got a bad sprain. It healed pain wise but it’s still swollen even now, that happened last summer so it probably would take time to heal fully.


I think she does😉. She is one of those stealth daters who slowly moves in without the other person realizing it until one day they just never leave and all their junk is in your closet. She lives there you just don’t know it yet a la Big Bang theory.

(Allie) #360

Well she’s still here and is sleeping peacefully so I don’t mind. Dear old thing just wants peace and quiet I think as the house she lives in officially is very noisy and chaotic, but here it’s peaceful and there are bowls of food everywhere.

(Steve) #361

Seawall / Stanley Park in Vancouver this morning (was a pretty crisp 2C). :slight_smile: