What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

(Jane) #322

How did he get in? Do you have a pet door?

I had one in Houston for my cats but no way can I have one here in rural Arkansas!

(Allie) #323

He must have sneaked in when I got home from work as I found him happily snuggled after I’d been upstairs for a while. Little man lives with one of my neighbours.


I know, not much of a picture. :slight_smile: But I was very happy when I took it. Our labrador in the photo – who we’ve only had a few months compared to the toy poodle we’ve had for 6½ years – got spayed on Tuesday afternoon and I didn’t pick her up from the vet until Wednesday morning. This was taken on a late night walk yesterday after some of the meds wore off and she stopped feeling drowsy. Her normal personality is “HELLO I AM A CRAZY AND HAPPY DOG AND I DON’T LIKE STAYING STILL” so it was unusual seeing her so sedated.

Her personality came back late last night and I rewarded her with a (careful) walk.

Plus, you get to see the slightest glimpse of me. :wink:

(Doug) #325

Oh no, that’s quite a good picture, Gaff. It’s different, has an abstract quality to it, and nice framing and composition. :slightly_smiling_face: Is that a sense of vertigo I feel?

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #326

(Jane) #327

I love old bells!!!

And would love to have one on my property but sadly way beyond my budget.

Probably not a big one like churches have… but a ships bell would be cool!

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #328

Me too, they’re very cool. I couldn’t get QUITE the angle I wanted on this one, but I liked the lines and the way you can JUST see the edge of the clapper.

(Eric) #329

Waiting on Hot Tuna

(Eric) #330

Historic 2nd set.


Proper climbing tree :grin:

(Doug) #332

Nice, Eric.

Was listening to some live Jefferson Airplane on Thanksgiving day.

(Allie) #333

I took this photo of an old freezer some mindless moron has dumped near my house, so I can report it and get it removed.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #334

Action figures in a North Melbourne shop window, or a former shop window, or something.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #335

I had to switch YMCA’s this morning. My usual wasn’t open at 5:30 am.

(Alex ) #336

Couple of pics from my little walk earlier…

You may not be able to tell, but I am totally blowing kisses at this ketogenic forum community…

You’re welcome!


Annandale Mountains, Santa Rosa, Ca


(Duncan Kerridge) #339

Sun’s out again, so i’m out again.

(bulkbiker) #340

This was actually yesterday in Southampton UK

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #341

Nice photoshop work, getting the sun in there.