What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

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Like my wife on the plane last month, sucking the salt and vinegar flavouring off the rice crackers they gave us and then putting the crackers back in the food box :slight_smile:

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Ok - look up Cabeza!!! Once Saul gave me a “beef” taco to eat. It was okay, but tasted “off”. Turns out it was tripe. I haven’t really recovered.

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Nothing better, unless you add rosemary to the mix…

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Yeah, it’s awesome.

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Have you tried fasting?

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No, I’m not kidding. Finished the steak and just sucked up the salt. vinegar and rosemary. That in itself was satisfying.

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Makes perfect sense to me.

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Because you are highly sensible!

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Oh, I think we can all agree on that. (Best Joel Khan voice, as he spouts another lie that we don’t all agree with.)


My cat eats broccoli. He’ll jump on the chair and steal it right off the plate. I thought it was a fluke the first time… But he really loves it!

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Our cat eats peas. If they have gravy on them. Not otherwise. #smartcat


Mine loves the gravy can food. I don’t add it to the veggies tho :wink:

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We had a cat that would only eat KFC if you bounced a piece off her head. She wouldn’t touch it if my wife put some in a bowl for her. Nope she was convinced KFC came from thin air!! Jee I wonder who conditioned her to do that? :innocent:

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:+1: Jeremy.

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Not leaving the house today, so another from yesterday. Walked past the Shrine of Remembrance and the way to the psych and shot this image of a statue of Simpson and his donkey (official info below image).

I need to go back with a light and shoot this at night. I did a bit of post-work on this, but the background is crap.

Simpson and his donkey

Hero of ANZAC

Twenty-two years old, English-born and a trade union activist, John Simpson Kirkpatrick was an unlikely figure to become a national hero. Having deserted from the merchant navy in 1910, he tramped around Australia and worked in a variety of jobs. He enlisted in the AIF, expecting this would give him the chance to get back to England; instead, Private Simpson found himself at ANZAC Cove on 25 April 1915, and was killed less than four weeks later.

Simpson would not have made a good peacetime soldier, and he was recklessly independent in war. Instructed to recover and help the wounded he undertook this work enthusiastically. Famously, he used a small donkey to carry men down from the front line, often exposing himself to fire. The bravery of this “man with the donkey” soon became the most prominent symbol of Australian courage and tenacity on Gallipoli.

Although Simpson carried no arms and remains an enigmatic figure, the nature of his sacrifice made a vital contribution to the story of ANZAC.

The story of the soldier who rescued wounded men on Gallipoli with a donkey has been told to successive generations of schoolchildren. Simpson’s actions are regarded as the highest expression of mateship, and he remains one of Australia’s best known historical figures


Whereabouts? I live in the US these days, but originally from south Lincolnshire.

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Hi @Gaff

I grew up on the East Coast just a couple of miles from Grimsby and Cleethorpes, although I’ve lived away most of my adult life.

I’m back currently whilst I go through a career change and have some time on my hands and family/parent commitments.