What did you take a photo of on your walk today?


From Friday - this is a view of Ford Canyon in White Tank Mountain Regional Park:

(Eric) #263

Not a walk but outside my work building. Nice light just now.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #264

A greenway nearby my house


A view of Red Mountain from my Sunday hike:

(Jane) #266

I love this thread!!! Thanks, @Juice for starting it.

So many beautiful places and images. :two_hearts:

(ash) #267

My cat did this and I thought it was food allergies. Turned out for mine that he was bored. Bought a load of cheap cat tunnels and toys and scratch pads. Then bought my cat tree. Since my cat tree both cats have changed a lot, more climbing, they love being up high and window watching my neighbors, their very nosy lol.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #268

Mine won’t even use the scratching post we used to have. “But I have this perfectly good leather couch, why would I use that stupid cheap post thing?”

(ash) #269

Had that same problem too lol! I bought double sided tape and they quit as they didn’t like the feeling on their paws and over time I removed it and they quit!

(Allie) #270

It wasn’t a walk as I was in bed not well, but this was last night - my Marshmallow cat :heart:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #271

Photography as social commentary.

Here we see Australia’s greatest male tennis player[1] Rod Laver cast in bronze. This statue graces the main entrance to the Rod Laver Arena, the centrepiece of the tennis complex at Melbourne Park, home of the Australian Open.

In this image, Laver is seen at his prime, when he dominated first amateur tennis, then professional tennis once that came into being. However, his almost-silhouette is juxtaposed against a brightly-lit billboard advertising an upcoming event in the arena, which also shows the featured performer in her prime, using a photograph that is over two decades old.

This draws a striking contrast with the statue, in that while nobody is expecting to see “Rocket Rod” looking as he does in this representation, the billboard is clearly promising that Shania will be that very thing despite the age of the image.

In this composition we see true greatness overshadowed by a plastic representation of “reality,” and how eagerly the public becomes a willing part of, and literally buys into, the deception.

[1] I could argue that Margaret Court is Australia’s greatest tennis player overall.

(Duncan Kerridge) #272

The weather is on the turn here so got 11 miles in today before the rest of the week is rained off

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #273

We share a treadmill desk at work. I love working and walking. It’s Socratic. Thanks to my zeal, I’ve already been coached to share, so I limit my time to 60 minute sessions.

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(Jane) #275

Took this at work today. Our firewater ponds because we are on well water and if we ever had to fight a major fire the wells couldn’t keep up.

Normally we have lots of black ducks and one or two geese. These must have been migrating and stopped off for a rest.

(Terence Dean) #276

Do you actually get much work done that way? Friggen hilarious! How the hell do you type and walk at the same time!?? I’d be tempted to sneek up and hit the 10km/per hour switch!! :rofl:

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #277

That was my thought before trying a walking desk, too, but I find I have no problem focusing. In a way, the walking helps to focus me. I wasn’t kidding about it being Socratic. Keep in mind, I’m at 1.5 mph.

(Terence Dean) #278

The reason I asked is that I’m a programmer and I’d have a major problem trying to concentrate on what I’m doing as well as walking, it’s bad enough trying to take my jersey off when I get hot on my treadmill. Well done!

(Regina) #279

(Regina) #280

Do cats like spinach? NOT. But they will work the spinach to get every bit of blue cheese dressing off it!

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I recognise the word “chorizo”!!!