What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

(Allie) #222

Crows, everywhere I walk they follow me. I get some strange looks.

And Chunk, happily rolling in cow poo… and look how pleased he was after? :joy::poop:

(Dave) #223

A few weeks back. Moving from upstate NY to NC we found a different type critter on our morning stroll. We’re used to deer crossing the street not these green things.

(it's official - I'm forked) #224


(Jane) #225

YIKES! :open_mouth:

(Jane) #226

Bloody Crows!!!

(Jim Butcher book reference - Alera series)

And :rofl: on rolling in poo and being so happy!!!

(Alex ) #227

Little 30 minute walk around the village, mostly for “some” exercise, but mostly because it’s lush today, and a bit milder.

This is the main central road…

(Allie) #228

Just back from my daily visit to the lake where I took this random pic of Micah’s massive flat feet… just because I’m sure they’re much bigger than the other swans I look after :joy:


How beautiful is this? Where is it? Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Wow I love this thread, some extraordinary pictures, thanks everyone for sharing - made my day! I’ll try to add mine too, I love sunsets :slight_smile:


South Coast, NSW Australia. The colour of the water (& the lack of crowds!) still blows my mind :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing… I’m in love with Australia since I visited family 3 years ago, no wonder I noticed your picture. Can’t wait to go back :):relaxed:


Your own view of the river is not too shabby :smile: May I ask where that is?


Preston Marina, UK. Thanks, I love it there especially at sunset


This isn’t walking - but it is on the way to LowCarbSydney

So more than a few rewards in the day, despite a really early start…

(Candy Lind) #236

:scream: I hope Mommy’s not around!!

(Helena) #237

Which lake is this, @Shortstuff? I love walking round North Willen and down the Ousel Valley to Caldecotte.

It makes me smile when people talk about Milton Keynes being dual carriageways and roundabouts; I’ve never lived somewhere with so much nature and where you can really feel in touch with the seasons. All right outside your door!

(Allie) #238

It’s Ashland @Mereo
Only a little lake but ten mins walk from home so I’m there every day, not far from Caldecotte at all.

MK does have a lot of roundabouts and dual carriageways which is why it’s so easy to get around, but it’s got such a wealth of nature too which many seem to miss out on.

(Alex ) #239

Was actually on the bike, but caught a little bit of 7am sunrise over the fields, it was so nice I thought it needed a photo.

Also - I’m home now, recovered, showered, and it’s just started absolutely chucking it down with rain!

That my friends, is a massive Sunday early bird win.

(Dave) #240

She was. The exterminator came for this 8.5 footer. They live or migrate from retention pond to pond in suburban areas.

(Teri) #241

Just a photo of myself and my dog on our run. Honestly she walks me, though.